Melon (MLN) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Melon?

Melon is open source protocol created by melonport on Ethereum Blockchain in 2017. The main goal of melon protocol is to unlocked decentralized management of pooled digital asset on-chain, where user can easily set up, invest and manage in customized on-chain secure and permissionless manner. Basically, network help user to create their won custom investment vehicle on Ethereum without involvement any third party.

Melon Protocol works set of smart contracts that execute different operation that include investment, financial operation, asset custody, fee distribution, accounting and other. Smart contract can be implemented with funds and can set parameter for funds, where risk management rules, investable asset. however, all asset will remain in custody with the freedom of anything unlocked or withdraw, as it also enables investor and manager to compare performance and allocation.

MLN Token created on top of Ethereum Blockchain that create bridge between worth of token and protocol uses. Basically, MLN token work as gas of asset management that enable setting, investing and claiming rewards funds on the platform. however, rewards accepted in ETH and then send it to Melon Engine Smart contract that later purchase MLN Token.

Melon Price Prediction

Month & YearMelon Price Prediction
April 2021$62.40
May 2021$74.36
June 2021$82.95
July 2021$87.81
August 2021$94.54
September 2021$70.25
October 2021$82.95
November 2021$91.18
December 2021$107.99
January 2022$110.23
February 2022$120.32
March 2022$128.54
April 2022$124.43
May 2022$144.98
June 2022$132.65
July 2022$147.60
August 2022$136.76
September 2022$145.73
October 2022$137.51
November 2022$149.09
December 2022$140.87
January 2025$147.60
March 2025$568.73
April 2025$593.39
May 2025$576.95
July 2025$597.50
September 2025$601.98
October 2025$593.39
Decemeber 2025$585.17
January 2030$598.62
February 2030$1,145.30
March 2030$1,129.23
April 2030$1,153.89
May 2030$1,166.60
July 2030$1,178.93
September 2030$1,157.63
October 2030$1,174.82
December 2030$1,191.26

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Melon Overview

Project nameMelon
Ticker SymbolMLN
Total Supply1,250,000
Based onAsset Management
Launched year2017
All-time high$270.04 USD
Exchange PlatformKraken, Hoo, MXC, CoinEx, HitBTC, Bitfinex, uniswap, Kyber Network, Livecoin, Hotbit, Fatbtc.
WalletLumi Wallet.

MLN ICO Overview

Platform usedMLN
Raised by$2,900,000 USD
Date of ICO16th February 2017
ICO Price$5.8 USD
Melon Price Prediction

Melon Price Analysis

Melon protocol is compatible for integrate with decentralized finance Defi Project at smart contract layer. However, project looking to add more DeFi project in future and now current they integrated with Kyber Network, 0x, Oasis. Melon was listed in early 2017 with price $38 USD, however comparing with ICO price i.e. approx. $5 USD, many early investors gain huge interest in short period. The project was launched before hype of Bitcoin and Crypto market, where it early 2018 it almost surged to $270 USD.


Will MLN hit $50?

Yes, comparing all-time highest, this projected figure 4x lesser.

How much MLN will be worth in 5 years?

Probably reaching $40 USD.

How Much MLN Worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $70 USD.

Is Melon a Good Investment?

Yes, for long term will be more beneficial.


Melon already complete 10 year of launch and also one of those projects who build before blockchain revolution, as nowadays decentralized finance-based project gaining huge popularity. melon with smart contract integration with DeFi can make bring positive factor on the ecosystem. Melon bring ease on management and other asset operation with their tool, as this will be surely evolving in future.

Melon Rating