Metadium (Meta) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Metadium?

Metadium is next generation ID Platform that ensure ownership of data to user by providing key identity solution. Platform built on public identity blockchain and uses self-sovereign identity technology. Metadium ecosystem will be having three tier structure that includes platform, protocol and services. this ecosystem gives full control to their identity and personal information store on the network.

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ID blockchain plays huge role in Metadium ecosystem, as with this blockchain user can create, manage and store all private data and information. Platform adopted decentralized environment of digital identity to eliminate third party or central authority for managing data. Metadium uses trustless trust i.e., decentralized ledger that means no authority will controls the process. Every user can use their meta-ID and metadium on the other services and platform, who requested user to share their data or information.

Keepin is one of most popular application bult on metadium blockchain, which available on iOS and android. Keepin provides multiple feature that include wallet, authentication feature, information management and achievement feature. Keepin main focus will be on security and user interference that implies management of data and easy services access. Rewards also distributed to user for achievement and claim.

Metadium Price Prediction

Month & YearMETA Price Prediction
August 2021$0.16959318
September 2021$0.31481368
October 2021$0.35543480
November 2021$0.38183853
December 2021$0.43667704
January 2022$0.58697519
February 2022$0.63267395
March 2022$0.96475161
April 2022$1.13739137
May 2022$1.33034169
June 2022$1.23894417
July 2022$1.54360257
August 2022$1.65531066
September 2022$1.84826098
October 2022$1.47251561
November 2022$1.75686346
December 2022$2.08183242
March 2023$1.85841626
June 2023$1.98027962
September 2023$2.23416162
January 2025$4.58003132
March 2025$4.18397540
May 2025$4.48863380
July 2025$3.97071452
September 2025$4.60034188
October 2025$4.75267109
Decemeber 2025$4.99639781
January 2030$8.85540424
March 2030$9.38347881
May 2030$10.19590122
July 2030$10.58180186
September 2030$9.76937945
December 2030$10.91692610

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Metadium Overview

Project nameMetadium
Ticker SymbolMETA
Total Supply2,000,000,000
Based onID blockchain
Launched year2018
Supported ChainEthereum
Exchange PlatformBithumb, Bittrex, Upbit, Hotbit
WalletMetamask, Ledger

Meta ICO Overview

Platform usedCoinSuper
Raised by$10,490,000 USD
Date of ICO22th September 2021
PartnersXYO, Unity, Cubox, Kenetic, Arrington XPP Capital, BlueBlock, connect Capital, Block Asset, Blocktower.

Meta Price Analysis

Meta is primary token of Metadium ecosystem that used for value transfer and paying transaction fees in the system. Metadium blockchain relies on staking Proof of authority that built with modified fork Ethereum blockchain. Meta token can be staked and delegated to secure network, as user will gets rewards in returns. Meta Token firstly distributed in ICO sale and since lowest recorded price, token value gained by 219%. Meta completed 3 year of blockchain launch but 2021 is the game changing year, as metadium sees huge growth in market cap volume.

Metadium Price Prediction


Will Meta hit $10?

Expected after 2030.

Is Metadium a Good Investment?

Metadium ecosystem growing, as recently major adoption reported and its growing that means for long term this project will be the good choice.


Metadium is blockchain innovation targets major issue in the growing digital world. we know many ecommerce, shopping, media and other facing major hacks, where data of million of users at risk. Metadium with solution that implement decentralized ecosystem, where only owner will have full access and management rights along with zero third party involvement. Metadium as of writing enter into top 200 largest crypto, as its community working hard to create multiple useful project that solve issue of security and data storing.