MineBee (MB) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2040 Forecast

What is MineBee?

MineBee as the name suggests it will be based on Cryptocurrency mining backed by Ethereum ERC-20 Token, MineBee offers multiple benefits for miners, started with providing a discount on Premium product of mining which includes especially optimizing mining equipment along with it generate report after analysis of tool for which coin is best to obtained maximum revenue, as they are also focusing on efficiencies because something miners choose the wrong coin in which they are running out of profit so eliminates that MineBee improves performance which results in more number of the miner will enter into the system, so MineBee wanted to become key Mining analytics provider along with accuracy, realtime data with relevancy and will user will get all one solution in one project.

MineBee Coin Price Prediction 2020

MineBee project was started in 2017 where cryptocurrency market was started gaining momentum and then slowly they started creating a solution for miners and then in 2018 they official launched MineBee then they become a partner with MiningCom and after official private supply distribution started and then in 2019 Minbee Service Stack officially available for sale and then MB Token got listed on BitForex which result later it got indexed on coinmarketcap.com in September 2020 with price USD 0.10 and after 12% growth it started losing momentum because in 2019 most of cryptocurrency was falling huge percentage and crypto mining was not that much popular what is used to be back in 2018, so after October 2019 it was stable for more than 7 months with the average price of USD 0.025 and then suddenly in April 2020 where MineBee increasing with skyrocket speed in which in just 7 days price changed with 344% with nearly $3 million worth volume added into the market cap in just 24 hours.

Month & Year Average Price Prediction in USD
April 2020 $0.060 USD
May 2020 $0.089 USD
June 2020 $0.056 USD
July 2020 $0.071 USD
August 2020 $0.11 USD
September 2020 $0.060 USD
October 2020 $0.073 USD
November 2020 $0.064 USD
December 2020 $0.0899 USD

Note: with an 11% growth rate per month.

August 2020 expected to recovery month from coronavirus economy threat, where most of the new miner will be looking for smart mining tool with equipment and MineBee with some more partnership will be one of the highest use crypto-based mining network appreciate by miner all over the world, as still if MineBee keeps dropping after April 2020 then It most probably due to shortage of mining tool because import and export in most of the country are currently banned and there possibility of reopening not yet disclosed, so its very hard to predict expected report for MineBee.

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MB Coin Price Prediction 2021

MB Token based on three aspect i.e. Big Data, Blockchain, and market network under that MineBee has MB Contract in which with the help of Smart Contract system enabled payment for mining equipment and also allow payment for peer to peer MineBee Partner services along with MB Open market in which Seller Product registration portal with help MB coin transaction will takes place and at another point buyer will purchase a product using MB Token and will get shipping details then, at last, they have MB Solution which is a complete solution for a miner in which user provides data of mining capacity, overclock value, GPU Temperature, Error Occurrence and Revenue per Coin and then MB solution will study data to give output analysis of which coin to select for mining, Stable mining, Display of each hash amount and maximum rate of return.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
January 2021 $0.077 USD
February 2021 $0.092 USD
March 2021 $0.109 USD
April 2021 $0.12 USD
May 2021 $0.15 USD
June 2021 $0.18 USD
July 2021 $0.201 USD
August 2021 $0.156 USD
September 2021 $0.153 USD
October 2021 $0.122 USD
November 2021 $0.195 USD
December 2021 $0.187 USD

Note: with average price fluctuation of 34%.

MineBee Price Prediction

source: coinmarketcap.com

MineBee Coin Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

MineBee currently partners with the most trusted company including C-Block, Amazix, Essex Advisory Group, Miningcom, DACC, ROARK, CoCoLink, ECO, BGCC, FirmaChain and for Trading Exchange MB Token listed on BitForex, ProBit Exchange and Bitsonic and as per a study in 2018 Bitcoin value Dropped by 80 and Ethereum value fallen by almost 85% and gaining profit from miner become challenging, as major Chinese mining company also dumped equipment because it is very cost-effective to continue further and due to which more than $320 million worth losses have been recorded in December 2018, so to make comeback into the market they decided to launch new entry in cryptocurrency and also increase hash rate of cryptocurrency to boost a number of the miner.

MineBee Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name MineBee
Token symbol MB
Official Website Minbee.io
Total Supply 5,000,000,000 MB
Technology Ethereum ERC-20
Based on Big Data Mining Based Crypto
All-time Highest Till Now $0.12
Trading Exchange BitForex, Probit

Note: we do not encourage to invest we just provide the expected price to get a better idea

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