Mithril (MITH Coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | Future Forecast

What is Mithril?

Mithril is Social media based Blockchain network which awarded reward who those who create content on different social media platform, as it refers mining technology based on kind of content and how much popularity that content creator has means if a creator has a number of followers or having highest likes and comment on their posted picture or videos will get pay by Mithril so after this your social media appearance will not get wasted, it will be worthy and along with mining Mithril is providing private and secure transmission for any transaction under network.

Mithril Price Prediction

Mithril is totally based on new technology which was launched in March 2018 with trading price $0.09113 USD and following Initial Coin Offering it started showing growth in price reaches to $0.79 USD price in just 4 days with 767% growth rate after this effect of ICO was getting slower in which till April mid there was a small price dropped but after this fall they recover their price dropped with bang and reaches to all time highest record on 12 march 2018 with price $1.47 USD, as at this point all cryptocurrency was not in good  from because all suffering from huge price loss because of back to back trouble hitting other coins and now MITH showing really consistent growth from 29th June 2018 to 30th July 2018 because of this MITH continue into trending coins list and officially enter into top 50 highest market cap holder list, so same growth report will be seen in upcoming month and till end of the 2018 year MITH Coin will cross it’s all time highest price record, so considering we have set some prediction, which will give you ideas how it will go.

Month & YearPrice Prediction
September 2018$0.84 USD
October 2018$0.92 USD
November 2018$1.2 USD
December 2018$1.67 USD

Note: $1.67 is an average price for last month 2018 year.

MITH Price Prediction 2020

Right now many social media addicted people thought it is useless to always active on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, but here is good news Mithril was launched beta version of Lit app in which user can share videos, images, and audio for this people will receive reward in terms of MITH coin which can be converted into any currency, an official version will be launching soon where people get reward based on likes and views, so it will be awesome way to earn some bucks for celebrity and other famous personality who have millions of follower means more you have fans club more you earn and after getting a reward if there is huge growth in price of MITH coin then more percentage profit will be rewarded.

Looking at 2020 year for Mithril then we know day by day there is huge increment user of social media all over world, as billions of active users is creating, viewing content, so in upcoming days the apps who will pay for creating content will gain huge attention because other famous social media option not paying money so there will be less attractive in the upcoming days and because of getting rewards there will be fluctuation in market cap value means there is price fluctuation in price also which is key factor of attracting investor and there is no issue of maximum supply which was major problem and main reason of cryptocurrency crash of January 2018.

Month & YearPrice in USD
January 2020$10.23 USD
February 2020$11.22 USD
March 2020$11.85 USD
April 2020$12.02 USD
May 2020$13.293 USD
June 2020$17.43 USD
July 2020$14.65 USD
August 2020$15.34 USD
September 2020$19.23 USD
November 2020$16.45 USD
December 2020$20.23 USD

Note: $13 USD will be an average price for the 2020 year

Mithril Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameMithril
Ticker SymbolMITH
Total Supply1,000,000,000 MITH
Date of index25 March 2018
InformationSocial Media Based Blockchain Network

Note: all information will be updated soon.

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