OPINION: The price of Dogecoin in 2050 could be much higher than you think.

Breaking it down

This is not a test. This is not clickbait. Hear me out. The price of dogecoin in 2050 could be much higher than even the most optimistic analyst’s expect.

But it’s a joke they say. This is about a billionaire trolling people. Doge coin is a giant prank. A toy.

It’s a joke.

And yes it is, to all of that. But this is why it’s interesting.

Can I interest you in a pack of bubble gum and some cards?

In 1952, kids bought packs of bubble gum for less than a quarter. This pack of bubblegum also included playing cards for not just famous baseball players, but *all* baseball players. This was the first time a company decided to make a card for each and every player. Who cares said most kids. They ate the bubblegum and tossed the cards.

1952 just so happened to be the second year of Mickey Mantle. The 1952 card was the first Topps card to be made. This card was sold in 1991 for 50k, and recently sold at auction for 12.5 million.

That’s right. A toy for kids sold for 12.5 million dollars. That’s a 5 billion % increase. The fact is a toy, a meme, a prank can be very valuable.

What’s the point of price predictions in 2030, 2040, and 2050?

Now I’m not saying doge coin will be worth 12 million dollars in 2050. And what is the point of looking that far out? It seems like a waste of time at first to think of any investment, not just crypto, 20, 30 years in advance.

However, do you thin investors were thinking about the price of Google or Apple stock in 2025 in the year 2020. The smart ones were.

Most people take out a 30-year mortgage on their house and do not consider it odd.

So why not think of the year 2050 or 2060.

And if you are, doge is one to consider.