Polygon (Pol) Token Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Polygon?

Ethereum based layer 2 solution Blockchain project Matic Network rebranded to Polygon Network. Polygon not only changing its name but it aims to bring layer 2 aggregator for sidechain and fixing Ethereum transactions problem. Project gets new tagline now it is known as Ethereum based internet of Blockchain, where internet means protocol and framework for connecting different Ethereum based blockchain networks. In simple word Polygon will improve ability to host multiple technologies and it developed by decentralized team.

Polygon address Ethereum limitation like scalability, poor experience like higher gas fees and delay in PoW finality and governance dependence. In the proposed solution polygon will be providing one-click development, development of custom network, interoperability protocol, modular and adaptor modules. Network will support fully stand-alone network and network that leverage share security from Ethereum.

Polygon will be providing unique solution where project get freedom to select multiple scaling solutions. Network will continue layer 2 solution support that include Optimistic rollups, zkRollups and Validum. However, software development kit will be running on version 1 that will be launching in march month. CMC provided official update on matic network listed page and also co-founder also confirmed it on official social media platform.

Polygon Price Prediction

Polygon means matic network not yet announces token swap, so we will update prediction here after official announcement.

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Polygon Overview

Project namePolygon
Ticker SymbolPOL
Total SupplyNA
Official websitePolygon.technology
Based onLayer 2 Aggregator
Launched year2017
All-time highNa
Exchange PlatformNA

POL Token Price Analysis

POL will be the native token of Polygon Blockchain that ensure efficient and autonomous operation of decentralized ecosystem. POL token will be following state of the art mechanism design principles. POL validator needs to stake token that will allow them to receive block rewards for every block generation. Token also let user to participate in governance program to propose improvement and funding proposal. However, Token supply not yet mentioned but predefined token will be generated while token creation. Supply will be limited in order to avoid emission and maintain ecosystem.

Polygon Price Prediction


Indian blockchain firm that continues innovating blockchain technologies with connecting them with each other. we know Ethereum compatible network sees huge growth in year 2020, as they are based on Finance, Application or exchange. however, in this growth demand of network and Ethereum increase that negatively impact performance and UX. Polygon i.e., more advanced version of Matic network aim to combine ease of development and deployment of Ethereum. network will provide highly customizable option for developer where they can easily adopt any parameter and characteristics from different blockchain. unlike consistent Matic Token price, we could be seeing more fluctuation in POL token that may also attract investor along with developers. so, Polygon focusing on high performance, flexibility, scalability to boost developer community.

Polygon Rating