Pundix (NPXS) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030 Forecast

What is PundiX?

Here comes another cryptocurrency currently ranking at 128th position but having enough potential to be part of Top 100 cryptocurrency list as per market capitalization that is PundiX also known as NPXS. PundiX is decentralized and Open platform for retailers and customers which helps to boost digital currency transactions in retail industry. NPXS aims to solve major problems with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. These problems include their complexity of cryptocurrencies and limitations on usability. Complexity means user must take care of many things like private and public keys, understand blockchain etc. Limitations on usability means user can not buy large amount of day to day things like bag of rice using cryptocurrency. So PundiX come with solution for end users so they can buy retails thing using cryptocurrency with the help of mobile applications.

NPXS Price History

NPXS was started listing on CoinMarketCap in the month of March 2018. So, let’s analyze 2 years performance of Pundix price history. It started with around $0.0008 USD and within 3 months of period it reached value of $0.015 USD Which is approximately 20 times of its initial value. ROI for 1st 3 months was 2,000% which is exceptionally well. But after that price peak point NPXS never reach that milestone again till now. Rather price started dropping after June 2018 and it has reached around $0.0001 USD. So if we calculate ROI for Pundi X after 2 years and 2 months then it goes in negative number that is -87% means if you had invested $100 USD at the time of NPXS ICO then you might have only $13 USD value NPXS coins in your wallet. So, this would be a bad investment for you if you missed to sell your NPXS point at right time.

But even after pandemic COVID-19 impacted world, NPXS has not lose the hope they have started a program for their physical retailers to support in this bad situation. And in result we can see there is small but growth in NPXS value. Let’s discuss what is this COVID-19 relief program and how it will help retailers in later section.

NPXS Coin Price Prediction 2020

Although 2019 year was not very good for investors of PundiX but according to some financial experts this year 2020 could help investors get some gains over their investment. Even if we do not see a major growth in this year 2020 but it would be good long-term investment. You should have a look at some basic prediction for remaining months of year 2020.

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction in USD
End of May 2020$0.000132 USD
June 2020$0.000137 USD
July 2020$0.000148 USD
August 2020$0.000152 USD
September 2020$0.000144 USD
October 2020$0.000162 USD
November 2020$0.000167 USD
December 2020$0.000175 USD

Pundix Price Prediction 2021 to 2023

As PundiX is helping retail merchants in this tough situation of COVID-19, this move will really help PundiX to develop a good and long-lasting relationship with their retail merchants. Ultimately this will boost use of digital currencies at retails shops for payments and transactions. So even though if we might not see a growth in NPXS in coming months that doesn’t mean NPXS is gone. We will surely gone see a hype in Pundix in coming years.

PundiX has successfully made partnerships or integration with giants in retail industries. Few of them are listed below :-

  1. Verifone (US based provider of tradition Point of sale terms)
  2. VOF (China based celebrity-oriented App developer)
  3. UltraTaiwan (Musical Festival Organizer)
  4. Ingenico Group (Payment Partner)

Above partnerships have help to enhance their reach to more customers in order to boost digital currency payments and transactions. Following is quarter wise price prediction of NPXS coin for years 2021 till 2023.

Quarter of the YearPrice Prediction in USD
Q1 2021$0.000182 USD
Q2 2021$0.000210 USD
Q3 2021$0.000198 USD
Q4 2021$0.000230 USD
Q1 2022$0.000253 USD
Q2 2022$0.000275 USD
Q3 2022$0.000248 USD
Q4 2022$0.000260 USD
Q1 2023$0.000282 USD
Q2 2023$0.000304 USD
Q3 2023$0.000320 USD
Q4 2023$0.000330 USD
Pundix Price Prediction

Pundi X Covid-19 Relief Program

As we all know, that this year 2020 started with pandemic COVID-19 challenge which has impacted almost all industries all over the world. Retail merchants are one of those who has suffered a lot. In this tough situation PundiX has initiated a Covid-19 Relief program in order to help retailers with physical storefronts.

Below is list of benefits Retailers can have with the help of this Pundix Covid-19 relief program.

BenefitDetails (How to get it and Expiry)
50 Free XPOS to retailersFill the form online at official website. No expiry mentioned
1% on transaction feesRetailers can earn 1% of each crypto transaction. No expiry mentioned.
45% off on buying XPOS HandyThis benefit is expired on 30th April 2020.


Cryptocurrency ProjectPundi X
Short SymbolNPXS
Official websitepundix.com
Total Supply258,585,117,896 NPXS
All-Time HighUSD 0.015621 (June 2018)
Trading PlatformBinance, Bittrex, WRX and CoinBase etc.
Ranking by market cap value128
Date of ListingMarch 2018

Following are few frequently asked questions related to PundiX.

  • Is NPXS a good investment?

Ans: If you have long term plan of investment, then yes but with caution.

  • Will NPXS reach $1?

It’s not impossible but it is going to take significant amount of time around 10 to 15 years.

  • Is NPXS a profitable for short term investors?

Strong No, as we have seen a big loss in last year 2019 and no much fluctuations in recent months. PundiX is not a good choice for short term investors.

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