Refinable (Fine) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Refinable?

Refinable is NFT all in one platform that aim to redefine NFT experience for users, communities and brads. The Platform allow user to create, discovers, leverage and trade any Digital content or collectibles by integration Non-fungible token concept. Refinable gain immediate attention after invested and backed by Mr. Beast an American youtuber with over 60 million subscriber and world leading crypto exchange Binance.

Project developer believes that NFT is future of digital collectibles and asset collection, as it continues to drive attention from different investor with that NFT market already reaches Billion dollar in worth. In the existing system or platform Refinable team detect problem like network gas fees for buying, selling, collecting and other operation, where average fees cross above $60 USD for each operation. the lack of support for license content with centralized marketplace along with content issues.

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Refinable wanted to change NFT marketplace and gas fees issue by adopting Binance smart Chain. Refinable will empower creators by offering the NFT minting future for its distribution. The main aim of project to boosting NFT creating with multiple key features like Licensed IP Collection, customized distribution, high performance, governance, eco-friendly and scarce by design and more.

Refinable Price Prediction

Month & YearFINE Price Prediction
July 2021$0.75
August 2021$1.40
September 2021$1.58
October 2021$1.69
November 2021$1.94
December 2021$2.60
January 2022$2.81
February 2022$4.28
March 2022$5.04
April 2022$5.90
May 2022$5.49
June 2022$6.85
July 2022$7.34
August 2022$8.20
September 2022$6.53
October 2022$7.79
November 2022$9.23
December 2022$8.24
April 2023$8.78
August 2023$9.91
January 2025$20.31
March 2025$18.55
May 2025$19.90
July 2025$17.61
September 2025$20.40
October 2025$21.08
Decemeber 2025$22.16
January 2030$39.27
March 2030$41.61
May 2030$45.21
July 2030$46.92
September 2030$43.32
December 2030$48.41

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Refinable Overview

Project nameRefinable
Ticker SymbolFINE
Total Supply500,000,000
Based onNFT
Launched year2021
All-time high$8.36 USD
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap, DODO

Fine IDO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter
Raised by$3,020,000 USD
Date of ICO23rd April 2021
ICO Price$0.033 USD
PartnersBSC, Tooni Play, Cinchblock

Fine Token Price Analysis

Fine Token is utility token of Refinable Platform that will act as transaction medium on Refinable marketplace. Fine Token holder with act as community governance that will help project to take future decision via voting. Fine token Staking will offer multiple benefit on marketplace including discount service fee, priority listing, royalty limits, more tagging, early access to presales and more. Fine Token Staking lottery currently offering prizes like Tesla model 3, iPhone 12 Pro and iPAD Pro and other rewards for stakers.

Fine Token Pre sale hosted on Polkastarter i.e., IDO Platform with price $0.033 USD for whitelisted users. Fine Token after IDO listed on Pancakeswap and DODO BSC exchange, where recorded price on CMC was $8.35 USD. we know after listing because of huge demand it reach to peak then falls to resistance level, as it Fine token drop to $2.15 USD.

Refinable Price Prediction


Will Fine Token hit $10 USD?

FINE Token after listing hits all time high with $8 USD price, as it is just 2 USD away to reach $10 USD.

Is Refinable a Good Investment?

Refinable offer multiple reward option for staking, as liquidity provider increase prices continue surged


NFT aka digital asset now become biggest Blockchain based applications with different unique ID. NFT market growing with huge volume and its demand at early-stage continuous gaining request and multiple transaction initiated. We know currently Ethereum network uses base technology for many projects but scalability and performance issue creating huge mess. So, Refinable has decided to solve every major problem, as they have started with offering high performance and low gas fees for smoothing every operation of NFT with BSC network. The platform aim to support billion of NFT user in future with multiple features and in built options.

Refinable Rating