SafeBTC Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is SafeBTC?

SafeBTC another yield generating community backed decentralized Finance crypto Token. SafeBTC with tagline “a safer & Yield generating community token” having similar vision as Safemoon, Shiba Inu and other Safe subtitle projects. as mentioned in whitepaper, along with yield generating under DeFi, which safe store of value bitcoin.

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SafeBTC named their feature to “penalty” which is applied to transaction, where this penalty will help to increase liquidity along with reducing the supply. Every token holder will get automated reward generated from penalty, as 4% fees will applied on every transaction, in which 2% will locked in liquidity pool and 2% distributed as rewards to users. till now 60% of supply is already burned to push prices to bullish sentiment.

SafeBTC stands out to be different, where they make use of decentralized exchange in order to eliminate third party involvement in project that include central banks, government of countries and financial system. so, focus in simple giving full control to community, as no supply will be owned by team or developers. SafeBTC also choose Binance Smart Chain network, as It currently trading on Pancakeswap, which is biggest BSC DEX.

SafeBTC Price Prediction

Disclaimer :-

This Project is Highest Risk and Highest Return kind of Project. Invest at your own Risk.
Never Invest Money that you can’t afford to lose in such projects.
Month & YearSAFEBTC Price Prediction
August 2021$0.00000001
September 2021$0.00000002
October 2021$0.00000002
November 2021$0.00000002
December 2021$0.00000002
January 2022$0.00000003
February 2022$0.00000003
March 2022$0.00000004
April 2022$0.00000005
May 2022$0.00000005
June 2022$0.00000006
July 2022$0.00000006
August 2022$0.00000007
September 2022$0.00000007
October 2022$0.00000006
November 2022$0.00000007
December 2022$0.00000008
March 2023$0.00000007
June 2023$0.00000008
September 2023$0.00000009
January 2025$0.00000018
March 2025$0.00000016
May 2025$0.00000017
July 2025$0.00000015
September 2025$0.00000018
October 2025$0.00000019
Decemeber 2025$0.00000019
January 2030$0.00000034
March 2030$0.00000034
May 2030$0.00000039
July 2030$0.00000040
September 2030$0.00000038
December 2030$0.00000042

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SafeBTC Overview

Project name SafeBTC
Ticker SymbolSAFEBTC 
Total Supply100,000,000,000,000 
Official website
Based onYield Farming DeFi 
Launched year2021 
All-time highNA
Exchange Platform Pancakeswap, Digifinex, IndoEX

SafeBTC Price Analysis

SafeBTC has listed on CoinMarketCap around 20 days back from now on 29th March 2021, with price of $0.00000002 USD. We can understand it’s really tough to count how many zeros are there in price of 1 SAFEBTC. So let’s imagine $0.00000002 USD is 2 units. so this will simplify our life, to understand and calculate how much SAFEBTC has grown up in period of 20 days.

SafeBTC Price Prediction

So while writing this article price of 1 SAFEBTC is 16 units, which is almost 8x of starting price that is 2 units. And if we have a look at All time high in 20 days then it is 17 units approximately 8.5x of initial price. This much growth is not surprising now a days, and this SAFE* coins like SAFEMOON, SAFEMARS, SAFEBTC have set a different trend in crypto market. Although there are 50:50 chances of success and failure of this projects. But as of now they are attracting all eyes towards them with significant performance. For these kinds of projects you must apply stop loss, as many big investors can pump or dump price of this coins, because of smaller market cap.


So Conclusion is, These SAFE* projects are kind of Highest Risk and Highest Return crypto projects. You may invest less than 1% of your total portfolio which won’t impact you in case you lost all of them. You should always do your own research and also calculate risk you can afford in case you lost all of your investment. Do investment on your own risk and also take advice from finance experts if in case you need.