Sonm (SNM) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Sonm?

Sonm is full decentralized blockchain based project based on fog computing built on Ethereum Network. Sonm wanted to change approach in computing with distributed customer level hardware, which include PC, Miners and servers. Platform also providing application along with computations, where multiple tasks including CGI rendering, gaming calculation will be possible.

Sonm has decentralized marketplace in that supplier and buyer will be connected with each other, so can people or supplier can share idle computing using their own available hardware in the form renting or lease. Fog computing concept expected to cut cost for many project developers, as its technology will be available at low cast comparing with existing cloud storage providers. Sonm has become first computing resource provider that gives freedom of use with customized services.

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Sonm fog computing has decentralized pool of devices, where all of them will be connect with IoT for internet connection. in the main user cases platform will supporting technology like machine learning, web hosting, data storage, scientific calculation and video rendering. in back end Sonm using smart contract for performing key operation, however this contract set to have self-executing and self-enforcing operation. This smart contract also used for soring participant information like profile, rating, history of operations.

Sonm Price Prediction

Month & YearSNM Price Prediction
July 2021$0.36
August 2021$0.67
September 2021$0.76
October 2021$0.82
November 2021$0.93
December 2021$1.25
January 2022$1.35
February 2022$2.06
March 2022$2.43
April 2022$2.84
May 2022$2.65
June 2022$3.30
July 2022$3.54
August 2022$3.95
September 2022$3.15
October 2022$3.75
November 2022$4.45
December 2022$3.97
April 2023$4.23
August 2023$4.77
January 2025$9.79
March 2025$8.94
May 2025$9.59
July 2025$8.48
September 2025$9.83
October 2025$10.16
Decemeber 2025$10.68
January 2030$18.92
March 2030$20.05
May 2030$21.79
July 2030$22.61
September 2030$20.88
December 2030$23.33

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Sonm Overview

Project nameSonm
Ticker SymbolSNM
Total Supply 
Based onDecentralized Computing
Launched year2017
All-time high$1.14 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, CoinDCX,Yobit

SNM ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised by$42,000,000 USD
Date of ICO17th June 2017
PartnersToken Club, Dbrain, Post Kinofx, Cloud 28, AION, STORJ, Selectel, Openfrog, Mining union.

SNM Price Analysis

SNM is virtual currency of Sonm Ecosystem that could use to perform on platform transactions. SNM is migrated from SPT Token with ratio of 1 SPT to 4 SNM, as recently Binance also done contract migration from old one. However, Binance integration also help SNM to reduce gas fees after developing newest version based on Binance Smart chain. Binance listing and BEP-20 Token support help Sonm project back into limelight, as it continues gained huge volume in recent time. in April 2021, SNM Token surged from $0.088 to $1.14 i.e., more than 10x.

Sonm Price Prediction


Will SNM hit $10?

SNM in 2021 crosses previous ATH after crossing $1 USD mark, as $10 possible after year 2021.

Is Sonm a Good Investment?

Consider Sonm as long-term investment, as more platform already in market with same services.


Sonm is one of the oldest computing platforms, which transform into decentralized services, as computing power sharing, storage and more services are highly in demand, so as demand increases Sonm prices also gets boosted as per the supply. Project recently gained huge market volume as in 2017 even after huge response in ICO, Sonm dropped by almost over 900%. Sonm finally enter into top 200 project after registering 10x surged in price in just 24 hours. we now Computing could be major part of technology evolution, as people preferred decentralized, secured and cheaper services. so, being perfect blend of computing, data storage and cloud storage services sonm will gets huge attention in future.

Sonm Rating