Synthetix Network Token (SNX) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Forecast

Synthetix Network Token Price Prediction

Rapid growth in market cap and gradually increasing price is helping Synthetix Network Token to get the biggest leap in ranking after it enters into top 40 highest market cap holder cryptocurrency but right now calculating supply is going to equalized to its maximum supply very soon and during this period mostly specific cryptocurrency experience huge growth in prices and the probability of crossing its original all-time highest price record may be crashed, as SNX coin was able to set $1.51 USD as highest price record after the gradually increasing from $0.069 USD in less than 7 months with 2088% growth rate and again since last 10 days it is hiked by almost 54% and in hopes of making it to 100% investor going crazy with Synthetix Network Token by investing in huge number.

Synthetix Network Token Price Prediction


SNX Price Prediction 2020

SNX is backed by crypto assets in which it allow its user to create on-chain synthetic assets and it runs on decentralized payment network where user can directly make a transaction from price-stable cryptocurrencies, as Synthetix Network Token provide exposure to different assets such as Bitcoin, USD, Gold, Tesla and Ethereum Blockchain, it also provides limitless liquidity which can increase the number of transactions at the same time and the team also going to add derivative such as stocks, indices, crypto assets, and others, so main of this cryptocurrency is a building Synthetic assets in which have a great experience with their parent company Havven in which they creating a synthetic asset of US Dollar, so this is the possible reason why Synthetix Network Token is getting more buyer right now and after providing user what actually they demanded will help to SNX reach $1 USD mark in April 2020.

Month & Year Average Price Prediction in USD
April 2020 $0.96 USD
May 2020 $1.23 USD
June 2020 $1.56 USD
July 2020 $1.78 USD
August 2020 $1.98 USD
September 2020 $2.08 USD
October 2020 $1.78 USD
November 2020 $2.78 USD
December 2020 $3.21 USD

Note: With average 55% per month growth

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Synthetix Network Token Price Prediction 2021

So expanding Havven model in 2018 they already created s-BTC, s-Gold, s-AppleShares with help of stable coins and assets, so if you buy one of any token with Synthetix Network like e.g. if you buy synthetic Gold then it automatically backed by SNX Token, which allows giving a right to see all happened feed of transaction in all of the network which makes SNX token to critical the function, so with great technology within the network is building this cryptocurrency into another level and as compare 2018 it is more popular in 2020 and it will be getting million growth in 2021 because of the need of stable-coin in the market in which Synthetix Network Token will be the first choice, as to start near year we have more than 8 months, so expecting SNX token is crossing USD 3 mark in 2020, in 2021 there are huge chances of crossing USD 5 mark within first 3 months, which can be responsible for another price of the moon event.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
January 2021 $4.25 USD
February 2021 $4.76 USD
March 2021 $5.15 USD
April 2021 $5.34 USD
May 2021 $3.25 USD
June 2021 $3.01 USD
July 2021 $4.10 USD
August 2021 $5.25 USD
September 2021 $5.90 USD
October 2021 $6.03 USD
November 2021 $6.13 USD
December 2021 $6.56 USD

Note: following the nature of continuous growth we have set the above prediction.

SNX Coin Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

Synthetix Network is Exchange platform also rewarding with SNX token for their trader in the network and it also integrated with SNX with whatever Synthetic asset you buying so this involvement will keep updating its market cap value and it will help to grow this token price in the upcoming year, as there are lots AI-based cryptocurrencies are launching which can be future competitors of SNX Token in future, as a return to prediction in 2025 SNX must be crossing USD 25 milestone and 2030 it should cross USD 100 mark considering more than 2 prices on the moon phase in the cryptocurrency market. As when you exchange for staking you will receive SNX.

Synthetix Network Token Wiki

Cryptocurrency name Synthetix Network Token
Ticker Symbol SNX
Official Website
Technology Synthetic Etheruem Blockchain
Ranking on 39th
Total Supply 178,186,385 SNX
Highest Price Till now USD 1.57
Information Havven relaunched as Synthetic stable-coin based cryptocurrency
Year of Launch 2018


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