VET Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | VechainThor Future Forecast

VET Coin Price Prediction

Binance a trading platform officially announced that Vechain VEN is Swap to VET after launching mainnet and along with symbol they also swap their name to VechainThor, along with this Binance official open trading for VET with 1 VEN is equal for 100 VET, as we know mention in previous few posts that to coming out from downfall of price many cryptocurrency owner converting their network to main network so after looking at price hike of VET since 22nd July 2018 we could say this trick still working, which surely add number of investor soon, as VET being consistent report since last 3 days with this VET again crossed $2 USD mark and if there is minimum 10% of per day growth maintain till end of July 2018 then possibility of crossing $3 USD mark is damn high, so with this launched things going as per plans and VEN will be replacing VET on different price showing portal very soon.

VET Coin Price Prediction 2018

VechainThor currently into top 20 highest market cap list, just below of Binance Coin so there is huge possibility that VET may beat BNB coin to gain 18th spot on that list, as 36% of total supply is still available for trading, so considering future till end of 2018 somewhat in December month VET coin will cross $5 USD mark very easily and if there is occurrence price on the moon event then VET coin expected to cross $10 USD mark with 20 % per month growth from August 2018, if we take look at previous report of VET Coin then in January 2018 they reaches to all-time highest record with price $9.45 USD and then they able to maintain momentum longer than other cryptocurrency, as after end of February 2018 all crypto including top coins was facing continuous dropped in price but Vechain continue price fluctuation till end of May 2018 with average price of $4.2 USD.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2018$2.5 USD
September 2018$3.12 USD
October 2018$3.42 USD
November 2018$4.24 USD
December 2018$5.21 USD

Note: Last week of December 2018 VET will reach $5 USD mark.

VET was launched in the August 2017 year to the point where cryptocurrency world just started recognised by investor and now in few weeks they will complete one year, as per price analysis of many cryptocurrency run, if any coin is completed one year then it will show price growth after completion, so considering that VET will continue price hike reign in August 2018 month, so there is again huge possibility of crossing $5 USD mark after August month.

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VET Prediction 2020

Talking about future VET is completely advanced technology who has Blockchain X platform with difference feature such as Built-in Governance tools for facing different government issue all over world, Proof of Authority for keeping details of every transaction in network, high scalability & side chain capability means VET comes up with highly active transaction process and also it has second back up option if one system failed so it keeps on transaction, State of the art IOT solution means Internet of Things technology was firstly launched in IoTA cryptocurrency having low transaction fees and has high transaction speed for every transaction no matter it is small or big payment, Flexibility for Real Enterprise Use means difference kind of enterprise also uses this technology which keeps fluctuating market cap value, so there is also ups and down fall of price which simply attracting investor, now moving ahead to technology VET will be strong competitor in 2010 and in January 2020 if current momentum keep going then VET will reach $25 USD mark and will end year by Crossing $30 USD mark and that will be game changer for cryptocurrency world and people who brought VEN and get conversion into 100 VET will be getting huge amount of profit in 2020.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
January 2020$25.87 USD
February 2020$25.732 USD
March 2020$26.45 USD
April 2020$28.42 USD
May 2020$28.53 USD
June 2020$28.463 USD
July 2020$28.02 USD
August 2020$31.1 USD
September 2020$30.08 USD
November 2020$29.45 USD
December 2020$29.25 USD

Note: VET Coin prices will be closer to $30 USD mark.

VechainThor Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameVechainThor
Ticker SymbolVET Coin
Total Supply873,378,637 VEN (VTE Total Supply will be updated soon)
Date of index22 August 2017
InformationBlockchain X Based Cryptocurrency
End of ICO DateNA


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