Will Bitcoin Rise Again in 2020 Or Another Fall is Coming?

Will Bitcoin Rise Again?

Yes, Bitcoin will rise Again in 2020 and a top coin which was first ever cryptocurrency in market started with decent technology and now it is one of the best inventions in investment of world along with faster currency transfer medium, so being top or first-ever coin many investors was started investing in this cryptocurrency which results at one point at end of 2017 along with Bitcoin other cryptocurrencies started rising with huge percentage with average growth percentage of above 400% and this percentage was the best thing about cryptocurrency, so this become overnight sensation, but after following banned in China & other countries disaster starts happening where most of the old coins started dropping with huge percentage, which impacted really bad which cause continuous transaction dropped as well as user also starting losing trust.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

As of today, Bitcoin is trading at $8501 USD price with 6% of one-day growth rate along with this Bitcoin doing really great in 2020 because since 3 January 2020 Bitcoin is going up and it almost rise by $1200 USD which is really great growth as compare to another cryptocurrency, as some of you still find this is low percentage of growth but looking at current condition and market of investment then this growth still countable and talking about potential many of expert of cryptocurrency still giving hint about Bitcoin will be touching $20k USD mark in 2020 and that will be surely happening in upcoming month, as there will many problems such as security of transactions, hackers attack and other Black money related things were repaired or we can say overcome by efforts of maker of Blockchain as well as other technology and they also reduced transaction fees of every transaction along with low amount transaction will be helping to take huge leap in market cap value.

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How Bitcoin Go Up 2020?

As total 20+% total supply is still available to buy and because of per coin prices is really huge as compared to another cryptocurrency to finish total supply Bitcoin takes more time, so if this increment in market cap value keep shaking up then it will create huge fluctuation in prices, which automatically help to bring lots of investor to Bitcoin and surely till end of February 2020, Bitcoin will rise above $10k USD mark, as we know there is so many big cryptocurrency was launching including Facebook cryptocurrency under name Libra going to be debut in 2020, which expected to be following Blockchain technology, so to initialize token coins they may go with Bitcoin as exchange which also create more buzz and keep transaction up which is again help to take lead in 2020.

Bitcoin Going Up
Bitcoin Going up Source: coinmarketcap

Bitcoin Another Fall Coming or Not?

Its really unpredictable but we can’t say anything about it because cryptocurrency already face huge from mid of 2018 to end of 2019, so there are very less chances of another fall, as following previous year performance in which Bitcoin was trading at average price of $3500 USD mark then after maintaining it till April 2019 it started growing with huge percentage in which from April 2019 to May 2019 it was surge by 31.46% and then again from May to June 2019 it goes up with 58.27% and it continues till August 2019 in which Bitcoin was showing 15% growth rate, so if this repeat this year also then till July 2020 BTC prices will be cross $15k USD with 10% growth in market cap value.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
February 2020 $8500 USD
March 2020 $9100 USD
April 2020 $9320 USD
May 2020 $10,450 USD
June 2020 $12422 USD
July 2020 $15,630 USD
August 2020 $14,872 USD
September 2020 $16,983 USD
October 2020 $14232 USD
November 2020 $18,345 USD
December 2020 $19,800 USD

Note: above prediction is just set by previous year performance of Bitcoin.

So looking at the above prediction December 2020 or Beginning of 2021 will be the time where Bitcoin again crossed $20k mark and that will be a 110% growth rate for those who invest their money in January 2020 or December 2019.

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