xDai (Stake) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is xDai?

xDai is nothing but Stable coin backing blockchain project that developed by Poa network. as official forum mentioned xDai act as stable transactional coin and staking token based on ERC677 Etherem blockchain. xDai Chain known to be stable payments blockchain that fetch high volume and faster transactions. as xDai Token widely used for transaction, network fees and project payments and its Stake token provide support PoS consensus algorithm. This is first ever blockchain project has stable USD as native currency, as it simply combines interoperability of Poa network with makerDAO’s Dai.

xDai project aiming to simplify daily transaction with higher speed and lower transaction speed. as per report transaction with xDai can be completed under 5 second of time interval, as it simply enhances scalability of Ethereum 1.0. xDai is said to be derivative of DAI cryptocurrency that was the reason it termed as xDai. So, xDai also provide support as stablecoin along and its value remain stable as $1 US dollar. it also provides new user-friendly experience that easy to understand and adoptable for any crypto or newbie user.

Stake is a native token of xDai Chain that allow community consensus participation and takes part in incentives program.

xDai Price Prediction

Month & YearSTAKE Price Prediction
April 2021$43.58
May 2021$51.93
June 2021$57.93
July 2021$61.32
August 2021$66.02
September 2021$49.06
October 2021$57.93
November 2021$63.67
December 2021$75.41
January 2022$76.98
February 2022$84.02
March 2022$89.76
April 2022$86.89
May 2022$101.25
June 2022$92.63
July 2022$103.07
August 2022$95.51
September 2022$101.77
October 2022$96.03
November 2022$104.12
December 2022$98.38
January 2025$103.07
March 2025$397.16
April 2025$414.38
May 2025$402.90
July 2025$417.25
September 2025$420.38
October 2025$414.38
Decemeber 2025$408.64
January 2030$418.03
February 2030$799.79
March 2030$788.57
April 2030$805.79
May 2030$814.66
July 2030$823.28
September 2030$808.40
October 2030$820.41
December 2030$831.89

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xDai Overview

Project namexDai
Ticker SymbolStake
Total Supply8,537,500
Official websiteXdaichain.com
Based onDAI
Launched year2020
All-time high$10.37 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, HBTC, BTSE, Hoo, Coinone.
WalletBurner wallet

Stake ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$220,000 USD
Date of ICO28 April 2020
ICO Price$0.55 USD

Stake Price Analysis

Stake mainly secure payment layer that allow user multiple chain staking. however, stake rewarded to the validator and delegator for block production and providing transaction consensus. However, it may back stablecoin but Stake is a volatile token means it will keep fluctuating as per marketplace. Stake was distributed in ICO sale at $0.55 USD price and now it is reaches to $10.37 USD with 1771% growth. As use who invested in ICO sale already gained 17 times on their investment. as it continues see huge growth in market cap volume and expected to gain ranking in future.

xDai Price Prediction


How Much xDai Worth in 2030?

As per our prediction and analysis, it probably crossing $40 USD.

Is xDai a Good Investment?

Looking at marketcap volume of DAI, being derivative this project also has better future.


xDai provide lot better feature than other existing crypto that specially designed to have peer to peer, micro and retailer payments. As of now network can complete any transaction within second with lower transaction fees as $0.01 USD. it also uses ingle token for gas fees and payment along with staking capability. The project that under developed since 2019 and launched mainet in 2020 has get enough response. It also provide bridge to connect Ethereum blockchain for two way asset swap between two chains.

xDai Rating