Zap Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is Zap?

Zap was debuted with feature of connecting smart contract i.e., blockchain technology to the off-chain data aka external information or data. Zap published their whitepaper back in 2018 that explain vision of project and problem that going to be solved by Zap Blockchain. initially Zap was focusing on bringing change in different industries including finance, real estate, shipping, insurance and other. in short period of time Zap become mainstream service provider in term of data for smart contract and monetization for internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Since 2018, Zap core objectives are building secure oracle network that bringing global data with distributed application. Zap also launched incentivize program for creation and curation of oracle by launching their own tool that allows any user to monetized their data. Zap always known as pillar of building dApps as it fuels next generation daps by supplying tools to the Ethereum ecosystem.

In 2020, Zap transform and changed focus technology under slogan The Bonding Curve Revolution. However, Zap understand wave of DeFi, oravle and web3 product, as they wanted to continues development of cross-industry solution. Zap Protocol will be key component in this revolution, as bonding curve likely to introduced liquid decentralized exchange that execute algorithmic market making for interaction between service or data provider with consumer. The main purpose of launching bonding curve protocol is to offer wide range of decentralized services and product.

Zap Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearZAP Price Prediction
February 2021$0.1567
March 2021$0.2310
April 2021$0.2939
May 2021$0.3444
June 2021$0.3557
July 2021$0.3939
August 2021$0.3660
September 2021$0.4248
October 2021$0.4403
November 2021$0.4114
December 2021$0.4702
January 2022$0.5032
February 2022$0.5372
March 2022$0.5073
April 2022$0.5547
May 2022$0.5733
June 2022$0.5279
July 2022$0.6073
August 2022$0.6341
September 2022$0.6558
October 2022$0.6176
November 2022$0.6537
December 2022$0.6877
January 2025$0.7104
March 2025$0.7671
April 2025$0.7166
May 2025$0.7568
July 2025$0.8042
September 2025$0.8372
October 2025$1.2259
Decemeber 2025$1.2146
January 2030$1.2610
March 2030$1.3847
May 2030$2.0353
July 2030$2.0745
September 2030$2.0302
October 2030$2.0601
December 2030$2.1776

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Zap Overview

Project nameZap
Ticker SymbolZap
Total Supply520,000,000
Based onEthereum Blockchain
Launched year2017
All-time high$1.83 USD
Exchange PlatformProbit exchange, Bitrue, HitBTC, 0x Protocol, Poloniex.

Zap ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$2,830,000 USD
Date of ICO20th November 2017
PartnersVisa, Uconn School of engineering,

Zap Coin Price Analysis

Zap was indexed back in 2018 following ICO token sale in 2017, as that time dApps and oracle was not that popular comparing with today’s scenario. Zap Coin or token was very essential in order run or deploy oracle network on the blockchain. Zap Token will be based on Ethereum blockchain with ERC20 token standard. Zap price run on trading graph was not that impressive as comparing with trade opening price, as immediately after indexing on Coinmarket cap it dropped from $1 USD to below $0.1 USD in less than 5 months. now in 2020, Zap showing continue hike in market cap volume and breaks its long resistance level in July 2020. ZAP in august 2020 set new best by trading at $0.19 USD and after that it dropped to $0.047 USD. since November 2020, Zap consistent in market cap volume and with small price fluctuation it again cross $0.1 USD mark.

Zap Coin Price Prediction


Will Zap hit $1?

Expected after 2023.

Is Zap Coin a Good Investment?

One of the key projects in revolution of dapps and its Visa partnership may help to gain market cap volume.


Zap project that almost falls to below 1000 top crypto project of all time now picking momentum in 2020. Zap recently upgrade their network by introducing new feature and tools for DeFi product and services. however, project initially involved in different key next generation decentralized application by providing them key fundamentals. Now Zap become partner with Visa and appointed new employee in their team for future development. Zap currently working on introducing newest version of Zap Protocol that currently in alpha phase and expected to launch very soon.

Zap Coin Rating