1inch Token Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is 1Inch Token?

Most of you heard about 1inch Exchange that leading in the decentralized exchange that offer best ever rates for swapping with other top DEX. However, earlier this year Uniswap a leading DEX platform launched their token without any pre-announcement and similar 1Inch Exchange has launched 1inch Token. so, from now network will be governed by Decentralized autonomous (DAO) model following decision of independent board of network.

1Inch Coin or Token well known as utility and governance token that supports network permissionless and decentralized approach. as, board of network wanted to introduced governance in the decentralized finance to reach new level in decentralization.

As per official portal 1inch will be taking over all protocol, as it will be used in current and upcoming protocol. however, under aggregation governance model all token holder who stake 1inch token will be able to vote on spread surplus setting. However, spread surplus is created while performing swap operation. As initially staker will be set to 0% and spread surplus can be claimed anytime by referrers and user in the form of 1inch token. under liquidity governance protocol Token staker can directly vote for major decision of network that include price impact price, transaction fees, governance rewards and referral rewards. So, holding 1inch token will gives you freedom to choose better future of protocol along with other community member.

1inch Token Price Prediction

Month & Year1inch Price Prediction
April 2021$6.81
May 2021$8.12
June 2021$9.06
July 2021$9.59
August 2021$10.32
September 2021$7.67
October 2021$9.06
November 2021$9.95
December 2021$11.79
January 2022$12.03
February 2022$13.14
March 2022$14.03
April 2022$13.59
May 2022$15.83
June 2022$14.48
July 2022$16.11
August 2022$14.93
September 2022$15.91
October 2022$15.01
November 2022$16.28
December 2022$15.38
January 2025$16.11
March 2025$62.09
April 2025$64.78
May 2025$62.99
July 2025$65.23
September 2025$65.72
October 2025$64.78
Decemeber 2025$63.89
January 2030$65.36
February 2030$125.04
March 2030$123.29
April 2030$125.98
May 2030$127.37
July 2030$128.71
September 2030$126.39
October 2030$128.26
December 2030$130.06

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1inch Token Overview

Project name1inch Exchange
Ticker Symbol1inch Token
Total Supply1,500,000,000
Official website1inch.exchange
Based onDEX
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBinance, 1inch exchange, uniswap, MXC, OKEx, Gate.io, Mooniswap, 0x Protoocl, Hoo, Kucoin
WalletConnectWallet, Metamask, Ledger

How to Claim 1inch Token

  • Go to official 1inch.exchange portal
  • Connect with your wallet by entering password and key
  • On right top corner you will find official logo of 1inch exchange and click on the icon
  • After that new window will open that display balance and claim button
  • Simply click on claim button to receive 1inch Token.

Note: to receive airdrop of 1inch Token user must have done 1 trade before 15 September 2020 or had done 4 trades in total history of transaction worth at least $20 USD. liquidity provider also expected to receive token as program stages following early announcement.  

1inch Token Price Analysis

Like UNISwap exchange, there is another DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that is “1inch” has been introduced in Crypto market. Experts have predicted that price of 1inch token will also show a bullish trend in initial few weeks after launch. 1inch token is now available to trade from today 25th December 2020. This year 2020, was year of Decentralized exchanges for crypto market and this 1INCH exchange proved it again just before end of the year.

Right now, 1 Inch token is trading at $2.65 USD with growth rate of more than 1000%. Initial price of 1inc token was around $0.2 USD. Within few hours it has crossed benchmark of $3 USD. Many experts have predicted that this 1inch token may reach value of $10 USD soon. Looking at the market cap, 1inch is ranking in Top 150 coins and looking at the trend within few days, it will become part of Top 50 cryptocurrencies as per market capitalization. as following Uni Token airdrop that almost worth $1000 USD each wallet, 1inch probably can have same worth. so, it will be the bonus for 1inch exchange uses.

1inch Token Price Prediction


Will 1Inch Token hit $10?

yes, most probably after 2020.

How Much 1inch Coin Worth in 2030?

probably reaching $40 USD mark.

Is 1inch Token a Good Investment?

better to earn by providing liquidity via top coins


Within 2 days of launch 1inch Exchange Token collected million worth market caps, as we know 1inch Exchange is one of the most used decentralized exchange after Uniswap. As platform offer better rates and lower swap or transaction fees than other Ethereum based exchanges. So, it already loaded with millions of users and once user started claimed token worth in market cap volume continue to rise. Few months back UNI Token by Uniswap got massive response and token was very close to reach $10 USD, as it currently worth near $3 USD as average price. 1inch Exchange has listed more than 400 token and expected to add more in future, so with staking and liquidity provider platform 1inch continue to dominate market that also benefit for 1inch Token holder.

1inch Token Rating