Akropolis (AKRO) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Akropolis?

Akropolis makes entry blockchain market in march 2018 with the aim of providing universal blockchain pension infrastructure. in update may 2019, Akropolis become domain specific financial protocol to create bank-less economy, as this protocol can be implemented on any blockchain platform with turning complete and virtual machine. Akropolis aiming to building autonomous financial organization, where user can choose their smart contract based self-custody.

July 2020, Akropolis introduced interoperable decentralized Finance DEXes i.e. Defi Aggregation and autonomous focused protocol built on Ethereum Blockchain. Akropolis announces integration chainX and Polkadot to create spectrum of new financial system. The platform enables borrowing lending, derivatives and payment channel along with on-chain governance. However, chainX used to allow inter-blockchain communication and asset transfer for that protocol create aforementioned bridge and it also building finance blockchain to become a parachain in the polkadot ecosystem.

Alkapolis based on three main products include Akropolis OS to create DAO using OpenZeppelin SDK and fa├žade pattern along with freedom of monitizing asset and ideas to start earning profit. Sparta gives access to under-collateralised loans and allow user to contribute in liquidity pool to earn rewards. Delphi to connect with DeFi project that enable HODL monthly interest in terms on rewards. All asset of user will be automated and non-custodial.

Akropolis Price Prediction

Month & YearAKRO Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0177
December 2020$0.0206
January 2021$0.0192
February 2021$0.0203
March 2021$0.0235
April 2021$0.0250
May 2021$0.0214
June 2021$0.0271
July 2021$0.0281
August 2021$0.0304
September 2021$0.0253
October 2021$0.0307
November 2021$0.0359
December 2021$0.0377
January 2022$0.0346
February 2022$0.0433
March 2022$0.0476
April 2022$0.0542
May 2022$0.0589
June 2022$0.0547
July 2022$0.0625
August 2022$0.0599
September 2022$0.0377
October 2022$0.0388
November 2022$0.0416
December 2022$0.0446
January 2025$0.0451
March 2025$0.0466
May 2025$0.1281
July 2025$0.1263
October 2025$0.1336
Decemeber 2025$0.1531
January 2030$0.1419
March 2030$0.2149
May 2030$0.2292
July 2030$0.2222
October 2030$0.2269
December 2030$0.2454

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Akropolis Overview

Project nameAkropolis
Ticker SymbolAKRO
Total Supply4,000,000,000
Official websiteAcropolis.io
Based onDeFi
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.050 USD
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, Kucoin, Bilaxy, Bittrex, Hotbit, Uniswap, Huobi Korea, Eterbase, Balancer.
WalletAkro Wallet

AKRO ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$2,400,000 USD
Date of ICO16 july 2019
ICO Price$0.0081 USD
PartnersMaker, Polkadot, Wyre, POA, Cindicator, Bancor, Keneticm Zerion Aurum, Chainlink, Chainx, Light Streams

Akropolis Price Analysis

Blockchain finance now is most followed trend in 2020, after partnership with Chainlink and Polkadot and adopting Decentralized Finance on the network. AKRO token following bullish trend, since May 2020 price changed from $0.00091 USD to $0.026 USD i.e. almost 2757% hiked in less than 3 months. However, AKRO Token holder can enter into governance ecosystem and also vote on community for further deployment.

Akropolis Price Prediction


Will AKRO hit $1 USD?

Yes, probably after 2027.

How much AKRO will be worth in 5 years?

Probably Cross $0.50 USD.

How Much AKRO Worth in 2030?

Probably worth more $3 USD

Is Akropolis a Good Investment?

Yes, long term will be great option.


Akropolis aiming to become one of top autonomous finance market with Blockchain network, looking at total market worth and growth in number of user and growing DeFi Akropolis will gain huge market volume. Following roadmap Akropolis going to introduced feature including Seamless for connection with debit card, crypto enabled payment gateway, insurance, stablecoin deposit support and governance portal. The Polkadot and chainx will surely adding value to this blockchain project.

Akropolis Rating