Hypercash (HC) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Hypercash?

Hypercash is decentralized highly secure Blockchain platform based on Quantum resistance signature technology. The platform has open source cross platform that seamlessly exchange information between different blockchain and other networks. Hypercash always mentioned as plug and play Blockchain works similarly like DAGs to enable exchange between coins and data. Hcash network can connect Blockchain like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other DAG project like IOTA and others.

Hypercash project is based on China and Australia and developed by Dr. Joseph Liu, Andrew and Dallas Brooks. Initially project was based on ERC-20 Token under title Hshare that uses HSR Token, later in 2017 projected renamed as Hypercash. However, it uses proof zero has proof same as Zcash in order to provide end to end transaction policy. Hcash uses hybrid PoW and PoS mining mechanism to enhance overall security of the network.

Basically, Hcash has two chains i.e. Hypercash main chain and HyperExchange HX chain that solve common issues such as security, privacy, interconnectivity of the existing Blockchain System. However, Hypercash solely using most advanced technologies i.e. offered by different blockchain in their network, so the combination protocol, network and mechanism is still mark as controversies.

HyperCash Price Prediction

Month & YearHC Price Prediction
September 2020$1.5160
October 2020$1.5449
November 2020$1.5016
December 2020$1.4871
January 2021$1.6460
February 2021$1.6604
March 2021$1.6171
April 2021$1.7759
May 2021$2.0502
June 2021$2.4112
July 2021$2.2090
August 2021$2.0935
September 2021$2.5267
October 2021$2.3534
November 2021$2.7577
December 2021$3.0898
January 2022$2.9454
February 2022$3.0609
March 2022$3.3641
April 2022$3.2630
May 2022$3.3930
June 2022$3.4796
July 2022$3.3497
August 2022$3.4507
September 2022$3.6962
October 2022$3.9705
November 2022$4.0138
December 2022$4.1438
January 2025$5.6165
April 2025$5.4576
July 2025$5.7031
October 2025$7.3924
Decemeber 2025$6.9881
January 2030$8.8506
April 2030$8.6918
July 2030$15.4922
October 2030$16.3007
December 2030$17.6724

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Hypercash Price Analysis

$2.45 is highest price of 2020 year as of writing, as right now HC Token fluctuating between $1 USD to $1.5 USD, however this range could possibly increase $3 USD in upcoming month. Hypercash is preparing for Quantum computing with their technology, however recently they started using Chainlink oracle for Lending services on the network and that helping them to maintain ranking on top 200 largest crypto list. however, ranking of hypercash still fluctuating with huge margin.

Hypercash Overview

Project nameHyperCash
Ticker SymbolHC
Total Supply84,000,000
Official websiteh.cash
Based onBlockchain Connectivity.
Launched year2018
All-time high$43.17 USD
Exchange PlatformZB.com, Huobi Global, OKEx, Binance, BW.com, EXX, Gate.io, MXC, CoinEx, Kucoin, Hoo, CCXCanada, ACX.
WalletHcash Wallet

ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised byNA
Date of ICO28th June 2017
PartnersFintech Blockchain Group, REG, Blockchain Ventures, BTCC, CollinStar, BitMain, Bixin


Can Hypercash Reach $10 USD?

Probably, after 2023.

How Much Hypercash Worth in 2030?

Probably reaching $20 USD

Is Hypercash a Good Investment?



Hypercash is responsible of modern blockchain technology, however interconnected Blockchain and other network is still under moderation. However, Hcash still hoping to building more development in the project and somehow, they manage to put on-paper vision into reality then hypercash will be the most advanced crypto project ever.