Bakery Token (Bake) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is BakerySwap?

BakerySwap is DEX (Decentralized exchange) platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BakerySwap become first ever AMM i.e., automated market making protocol based on BSC that supports NFTs. In the wave Decentralized Finance (DeFi) demand on Ethereum blockchain & ETH continue to surge which result high gas fees and slower transaction speed. so, Binance Smart Chain will directly be targeting main problem in DeFi that will solve scalability and governance problem.

BakerySwap IDO is newly started campaign that support new project to get fund raised from investor. as, IDO means initial DEX offering which currently gaining more attention from investor, so with BakerySwap will handle BSC based IDO will definitely sees growth in Bakery Token staking.

So, BakerySwap will be termed as next generation Decentralized exchange that will compute with top DEX like uniswap, 1inch Exchange and 0x protocol. however, it will continue to offer same fundamental that include faster, cheaper and fare transactions. in the token dynamic, as it could have fair distribution where no pre-sale and pre-mine tokens. however, development team is still anonymous as they strongly believe in DAO system and it will be depended on platform users itself.

BakerySwap Price Prediction

Month & YearBAKE Price Prediction
April 2021$2.44
May 2021$2.91
June 2021$3.25
July 2021$3.44
August 2021$3.70
September 2021$2.75
October 2021$3.25
November 2021$3.57
December 2021$4.23
January 2022$4.32
February 2022$4.71
March 2022$5.03
April 2022$4.87
May 2022$5.68
June 2022$5.19
July 2022$5.78
August 2022$5.35
September 2022$5.71
October 2022$5.38
November 2022$5.84
December 2022$5.52
January 2025$5.78
March 2025$22.27
April 2025$23.23
May 2025$22.59
July 2025$23.39
September 2025$23.57
October 2025$23.23
Decemeber 2025$22.91
January 2030$23.44
February 2030$44.84
March 2030$44.21
April 2030$45.18
May 2030$45.68
July 2030$46.16
September 2030$45.33
October 2030$46.00
December 2030$46.64

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Bakeryswap Overview

Project nameBakeryswap
Ticker SymbolBakeryToken or Bake
Total Supply548,199,610
Based onBSC
Launched year2020
All-time high$2.20 USD
Exchange PlatformBakeryswap, Binance, BSCSwap, Hotbit, Anyswap, PancakeSwap

Bake Price Analysis

Bake staker gaining maximum rewards from Bakeryswap platform, as it is BEP20 standard token based on BSC Platform. it has gained more than 10x since its Binance & own platform trade listing. As Binance Coin, Cake token has massively gained and after the wave ERC20 based DeFi now its turn of BEP20 based DeFi. BakeryToken aka BAKE as of writing gained by almost 302x and it hiked from $0.007 to $2.80 USD. if Binance coin manages to cross $500 USD mark then Bake will definitely break resistance level to reach $5 USD new all-time high. IDO will be the main key to bring more investor on the board, as Bake holder will getting Pool rewards as well as they can also earn IDO tokens with farming.

BakerySwap Price Prediction


How Much Bake Worth in 2030?

Expected to touch $100 USD level.

Is BakeryToken a Good investment?

Long term hodl with staking.


BakerySwap is better, faster and next big things in DeFi & DEX. Binance smart chain is one the highly scalable, more practical and better performing blockchain build by ranked #1 centralized trading platform Binance. BakerySwap and PancakeSwap are most important project behind success of BSC based DEX. BakerySwap IDO has launched more than 5 project and some of them already has gained 50x average surged in price. as investor choosing IDO over ICO because it instantly display token balance and list token on Exchange platform.

BakerySwap Rating