Flamingo (FLM) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Flamingo?

Flamingo built on Neo Blockchain & based on interoperable and full-stack decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocol. Flamingo is 3rd official project that will be launching on Binance Launchpool following launch of Bella Protocol and Wing. The project will display five main feature that include Wrapper, Vault, Swap, Prep and DAO.

Wrapper aim to enable cross-chain asset gateway for top blockchain project include BTC, ETH, Neo and other, as name suggest this feature let user to wrap different token. Swap will have Uniswap like feature that aim to enable on-chain auto market maker that will provider liquidity to the wrapped token. apart from non-custodial ERC-20 Token it also supports NEP-5 based tokens. Vault following traditional feature it will provide one stop asset management, staking, mining along with stablecoin insurance. To earn rewards user can stake NEP-5 Tokens i.e. wrapped & LP Tokens into vault.

Prep is one of best feature of Flamingo that AMM based perpetual contract exchange that aim to underlying asset with unlimited liquidity. Prep works same as Swap, but user can trade using same CPMM model with short leverage. However, to earn FLM Token user can stake FUSD. Flamingo DAO works for long term governance of system, where community will bore for improvement and configuration change proposal.

Flamingo Price Prediction

Note :- Prediction is not available as Flamingo coin is yet to available for trade. Kindly check back after 28th September 7 UTC. We appreciate your patience.

Month & YearFLM Price Prediction
November 2020$3.0400
December 2020$4.4800
January 2021$5.7000
February 2021$6.6800
March 2021$6.9000
April 2021$7.6400
May 2021$7.1000
June 2021$8.2400
July 2021$8.5400
August 2021$7.9800
September 2021$9.1200
October 2021$9.7600
November 2021$10.4200
December 2021$9.8400
January 2022$10.7600
February 2022$11.1200
March 2022$10.2400
April 2022$11.7800
May 2022$12.3000
June 2022$12.7200
July 2022$11.9800
August 2022$12.6800
September 2022$13.3400
October 2022$13.7800
November 2022$14.8800
December 2022$13.9000
January 2025$14.6800
March 2025$15.6000
May 2025$16.2400
July 2025$23.7800
October 2025$23.5600
Decemeber 2025$24.4600
January 2030$26.8600
March 2030$39.4800
May 2030$40.2400
July 2030$39.3800
October 2030$39.9600
December 2030$42.2400

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Flamingo Overview

Project nameFlamingo
Ticker SymbolFLM
Total Supply150,000,000
Official websiteFlamingo.Finance
Based onDeFi on Neo Blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBinance

Will FLM Reach $10 USD?

may be yes, as seeing huge response in mint rush, FLM may worth more than $1 USD at time of listing.

is Flamingo a Good Investment?


Flamingo Price Prediction

FLM Token Price Analysis

FLM is utility Governance token of Flamingo ecosystem and 100% of Supply will distributed within community. FLM Token distribution based on community participation and there will be no pre-mine, token sale and team distribution proposed. FLM Token maximum supply is not fixed and it follow NEP-5 Token standard built of Neo Blockchain. FLM can earn on platform by staking LP tokens, cross-chain asset listed on the platform. on 25th September 2020 mint rush will start and on 28th September 2020 FLM will listed on Binance trading platform. Binance will be list FLM with popular pair with USDT, BTC, BUSD and BNB. However, price not yet disclose and It will depend on Mint Rush staking volume invested from users.


Flamingo expected to make bigger impact as compare previous two project of Binance Launchpool. Comparing with Bella Protocol and Wing, Flamingo already surpassed $100 million USD within 1 day of launch with help of two feature i.e. Flamincome and Flamingo Wrapper. However, Flamincome comes with different concept i.e. ultimate yield booster that aim to adopt from existing yield aggregator and will develop new strategies for better yields. Flamingo adopted aggregating cross-chain protocol where user can multiply yields on both Ethereum and NEO blockchain. however, Flamingo after having huge traffic growth after launch it experience loading issue, but team fixed that issue immediately and working on improvement of UI/UX.

Flamingo Rating