Wing Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Wing?

2nd project on Binance Launchpool for Decentralized Finance Project announced i.e. WING. Project introduced credit-based network on DeFi that also enable support cross-chain asset, digital asset lending market. It introduced protocol interactional i.e. interoperability between two blockchain. Ontology Core team is behind development of Win Project that aim to change lending market and bring cross-chain capability for interaction with DeFi Products.

Wings has introduced risk control mechanism that help user to established relation lender, borrowers, creditors and guarantors. Wing primary features is over-collateralized lending and credit-based lending where user can has flexible limit on borrowing and deposit. However Lending limit can be decided OScore i.e. Ontology based credit evalution system that depend on data store on the Ontology Blockchain.

Wing ecosystem supported by WING Token that based on governance model. The holding Wing Token can give freedom to participate to governance of Wing DAO Community. community member can vote for future development, product and application. around 68% Wing token used to distribute in community incentive, as distribution followed 50% to Lending pool, 40% to borrowing pool and 10% to margin pool rule. Wing Token holder also get benefit while play interest on platform and purchasing insurance contract.

Wing Price Prediction

Month & YearWING Price Prediction
November 2020$16.55
December 2020$24.38
January 2021$31.02
February 2021$36.36
March 2021$37.56
April 2021$41.58
May 2021$38.65
June 2021$44.85
July 2021$46.48
August 2021$43.43
September 2021$49.64
October 2021$53.12
November 2021$56.72
December 2021$53.56
January 2022$58.57
February 2022$60.53
March 2022$55.74
April 2022$64.12
May 2022$66.95
June 2022$69.23
July 2022$65.21
August 2022$69.02
September 2022$72.61
October 2022$75.00
November 2022$80.99
December 2022$75.66
January 2025$79.90
March 2025$84.91
May 2025$88.39
July 2025$129.43
October 2025$128.24
Decemeber 2025$133.14
January 2030$146.20
March 2030$214.89
May 2030$219.03
July 2030$214.34
October 2030$217.50
December 2030$229.91

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Wing Overview

Project nameWing
Ticker SymbolWING
Total Supply10,000,000
Based onCredit Based Defi
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBinance
WalletBinance Wallet, Bep-4 Wallet.
PartnerOntology, Binance Launchpool
Wing Price Prediction

Wing Price Analysis

Following announcement Binance portal Wing will be followed 30 days staking program. WING Token will be rewarded on Binance Flexible Finance for Staking BNB, BUSD and ONT Token. everyday Wing token will be release to distribute in stakers, as it Wing token will be based on OEP-4 Token on ontology blockchain. however, just like BEL token Binance not disclose token price worth but as of writing over $117 million worth assets deposited. So, more than $100 million deposit in just 2 days after launching, wing expected big growth in upcoming 1 week.


Is WING a Good Investment?

Yes, try to earn from Binance Staking program and try to buy Wing on 16th September 2020.


Ontology based Wing Finance and 2nd Binance supported DeFi gaining good response as per the Binance Launchpool. The platform has developed new Wing DAO platform and it also support development of Finance based products. Along with OScore it also introduced DID i.e. distributed identity-based lending mechanism. Wing bringing new type of collateral where it will be divided in the two stages. First phase implement cross-chain asset collateralization and later it also supports NFT and real-world assets. Wing considering market volume can easily enter into top 100 largest crypto list.

Wing Rating