Bella Protocol (BEL) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Bella Protocol?

World’s leading trading platform Binance officially enter into Yield farming with launching Binance Launchpool i.e. liquidity mining platform. Bella Protocol will be first ever project on Launchpool that enable staking of BNB, BUSD and APRA Tokens in different liquidity pool to farm BEL Token. Project was begin started their development in 2019 with aim of changing DeFi more accessible to any users.

Bella Protocol is incubated by APRA that aim to offers one click solution with suite for different DeFi product and wanted to bring familiar mobile banking in crypto. Bella Protocol expected to major current DeFi Project including High Gas fees, poor speed and bad user experience. in the solution Bella protocol will be introduce Automation, zero gas fees and best ever yield platform with competitive return in the market. So, basically platform will have one click infrastructure where user easily invest and enjoy high yield from arbitrage strategies.

Bella Protocol launching series of product including liquidity mining, flex savings, one click, lending and Robo-advisor. Binance ultimately solved issue for user and now users to deploy their asset to earn BEL Token. basically Binance will combined DeFi and CeFi with hybrid approach to optimized user experience, transparency and simplicity.

Bella Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearBEL Price Prediction
November 2020$2.60
December 2020$3.84
January 2021$4.88
February 2021$5.72
March 2021$5.91
April 2021$6.54
May 2021$6.08
June 2021$7.06
July 2021$7.31
August 2021$6.83
September 2021$7.81
October 2021$8.36
November 2021$8.92
December 2021$8.43
January 2022$9.21
February 2022$9.52
March 2022$8.77
April 2022$10.09
May 2022$10.53
June 2022$10.89
July 2022$10.26
August 2022$10.86
September 2022$11.42
October 2022$11.80
November 2022$12.74
December 2022$11.90
January 2025$12.57
March 2025$13.36
May 2025$13.91
July 2025$20.36
October 2025$20.18
Decemeber 2025$20.95
January 2030$23.00
March 2030$33.81
May 2030$34.46
July 2030$33.72
October 2030$34.22
December 2030$36.17

Considering the fact and Binance interference the Price of BEL coin after listed will be more than $5 USD. it is obvious that project will worth more in million with big partnership can help BEL Token surge by at least 2x.

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Bella Protocol Overview

Project nameBella
Ticker SymbolBEL
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onDeFi
Launched year2019
All-time high 
Exchange PlatformBinance
WalletBinance Wallet, ERC-20 Wallet

BEL ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$4.5 million USD
Date of ICOStarts from 9th September 2020
ICO Price$0.75 USD
PartnersBinance, Arrington XRP Capital, Ledger Capital, Quest Capital, Koi Ventures, Alphacoin Gund, Tensor, N7 Labs, The Force Partners.
Bella Protocol Price Prediction

Bella Protocol Price Analysis

In market private Bella protocol raised by $4.5 million in hard cap via private token in sale in August 2020. upcoming Token sale Bel Token will start from 9th September 2029 and each token will worth $0.75 USD. BEL Token expected to listed on Binance trading platform on 16th September 2020. In sale 6% of supply will be distributed in the user with 6,000,000 Bel Tokens. however, BEL Token will be native token that fuel Bella Ecosystem and it also enable voting and governance for potential product decision. Similarly, like Binance means BNB that enable offers and discount for user, BEL will unlock discount on Bella Platform. however, user will get reward with BEL Token for staker and voters along with portion of transaction and service revenue.


How much BEL Token worth in 2030?

Probably crossed $25 USD mark.

Is Bella Protocol a Good Investment?

Yes, try to purchase in token sale that securely create more chance to get benefit.


Binance rival and 2nd biggest trading platform Huobi announces CeFi this will be right move by Binance to bring launchpool on the platform. Bella Protocol will see massive user growth in future because of low gas fees, as user experience huge hiked in gas fees and also low ETH balanced blocked by DeFi Project. in the race of decentralized finance Binance entry with advanced feature can change landscape and most of BNB and trading platform use will join Bella Protocol. Bella after listing will sees massive growth and hopefully market recovery also the key factor.

Bella Protocol Rating