ShareToken (SHR) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is ShareToken?

Sharetoken is the utility token of shareRing network i.e. based on open source blockchain of sharing economy. ShareRing developer also developed ShareLedger blockchain, as project already launched marketplace for $100 Billion worth sharing economy. However, shareledger is based on dual token mechanism that include ShareToken (SHR) and SharePay (SHRP). Shareledger Blockchain uses highly customized smart contract that allows autonomous application that can be attached to assets and account.

The marketplace implemented two-sided marketing that support B2B and B2C operation, however all global community will be manage by network developer also knowns as community manager. ShareRing was developed from Keaz i.e. established in 2013, where it offers car sharing solution. later in may 2018 with team of blockchain developers they make announcement of ShareRing Project. However, project still derived from KeazACCESS concept, which updated by sharing of virtually any asset.

ShareRing solving problem of Uber and Airbnb in sharing economy that focusing on transport, delivery drivers, finance, travel, agriculture, food, real estate, time, assets and transportation. It Project also involve One ID i.e. which is highly secure and scalable that help to verify customer without holding details of user and hardcopy.

ShareToken Price Prediction

Month & YearSHR Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0377
October 2020$0.0385
November 2020$0.0374
December 2020$0.0370
January 2021$0.0410
February 2021$0.0413
March 2021$0.0403
April 2021$0.0442
May 2021$0.0510
June 2021$0.0600
July 2021$0.0550
August 2021$0.0521
September 2021$0.0629
October 2021$0.0586
November 2021$0.0687
December 2021$0.0769
January 2022$0.0733
February 2022$0.0762
March 2022$0.0838
April 2022$0.0812
May 2022$0.0845
June 2022$0.0866
July 2022$0.0834
August 2022$0.0859
September 2022$0.0920
October 2022$0.0988
November 2022$0.0999
December 2022$0.1032
January 2025$0.1398
April 2025$0.1359
July 2025$0.1420
October 2025$0.1840
Decemeber 2025$0.1740
January 2030$0.2203
April 2030$0.2164
July 2030$0.3857
October 2030$0.3857
December 2030$0.4400

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ShareToken Price analysis

ShareToken debut on CoinMarketCap in November 2019 with average price of $0.0040 USD, but after that there is no big growth reported in price, however with small dropped SHR was maintaining neutral trend with price $0.0020 USD. ShareToken in July 2020 skyrocketing in price, where it registered 57% hiked in just one day and since beginning of June 2020 it follows bullish trend. On 2nd June 2020 SHR trading at $0.023 and now it reaches to $0.017 USD i.e. all-time best figure with 639% hiked.

ShareToken Price Prediction

ShareToken Overview

Project nameShareRing
Ticker SymbolShareToken, SHR
Total Supply 
Official website2,038,460,140
Based onSharing economy Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.017750 USD
Exchange PlatformBitmart, Binance DEX
WalletShareledger Wallet

SHR ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$38,000,000 USD
Date of ICO4th July 2018
ICO Price$0.020 USD
PartnersKEAZ, BYD,  Yoogo share, dji, RAMP Enterprises, double Peak, Mobi, GTI holding limited, coinstreet partner, UARTERIA, Fireblock, Alpha sigma capital, PLAIR, ALPHABIT, Global Digital Assets, Dhipaya insurance, Cosmos, double peak, CanYA, Homeway.


Can SHR Reach $1 USD?

Yes, probably between 2027 to 2030

How Much ShareToken Worth in 2030?

Possibly trading more than $1 USD

Is ShareToken a Good Investment?

Yes, ShareToken for long term will be more profitable.


ShareRing currently offers more than 2.6 million accommodation that almost cover every daily need and has more than 250K cars that let user to book car. Basically, ShareRing removes third parties and high commission of the middleman that reduce platform cost and accommodation services cost. To book and access services ShareToken will be used and masternode also receive reward by SHR Token. so, Merchant and user will be save lot of extra money including transaction fees, middle-person and platform fees.

ShareToken Rating