MoonSwap (MOON) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is MoonSwap?

MoonSwap newest entrant into DeFi that claim to have next generation protocol for decentralized exchange, higher throughput and 0 gas fees. project follow NomiChef vision to introduced layer 2 solution for Ethereum. In current situation, Ethereum gas fees become higher and higher because of high demand in ETH for staking and LP. Moonswap expected to bring more surprises it can fetch 6k transaction per second with maintaining speed and nearly zero transaction speed.

In order to achieve speed and low gas fee architecture, Moonswap took help from ConFlux Protocol. however, Conflux Network that based on open protocol that aim to fast and secure public blockchain by adopting PoW and tree-graph structure. Conflux integration will help moonswap to resolve problem like transaction failure and use of 400GWEI. it simply gives high speed experience automated market maker with cross-chain asset support.

MoonSwap followed universe theme, where community will be called as crew on enterprise, as enterprise explore and connect with blockchain universe that include lot of blockchain planet. For front end MoonSwap used SushiSwap front-end design with multiple incentive model for liquidity providers. As we NomiChef is same developer who created most controversial coin i.e. SushiSwap.

MoonSwap Price Prediction

Month & YearMoonSwap Price Prediction
November 2020$0.6840
December 2020$1.0080
January 2021$1.2825
February 2021$1.5030
March 2021$1.5525
April 2021$1.7190
May 2021$1.5975
June 2021$1.8540
July 2021$1.9215
August 2021$1.7955
September 2021$2.0520
October 2021$2.1960
November 2021$2.3445
December 2021$2.2140
January 2022$2.4210
February 2022$2.5020
March 2022$2.3040
April 2022$2.6505
May 2022$2.7675
June 2022$2.8620
July 2022$2.6955
August 2022$2.8530
September 2022$3.0015
October 2022$3.1005
November 2022$3.3480
December 2022$3.1275
January 2025$3.3030
March 2025$3.5100
May 2025$3.6540
July 2025$5.3505
October 2025$5.3010
Decemeber 2025$5.5035
January 2030$6.0435
March 2030$8.8830
May 2030$9.0540
July 2030$8.8605
October 2030$8.9910
December 2030$9.5040

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Moon Swap Overview

Project nameMoon Swap
Ticker SymbolMOON
Total Supply2,106,705
Based onLayer 2 Solution DeFi
Launched year2020
All-time high$1.50 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap
WalletMyEtherWallet, Metamask

Moon Price Analysis

$MOON is ERC20 based Token on Ethereum Blockchain used by MoonSwap ecosystem. Moon Coin after listing was traded at average price of $0.000341 and being consistent to reach $0.000279 USD in 10 days. As of writing, Moon Coin since 22nd September 2020 is no. 1 coin in list of highest gainer list on CMC. So, consider initial price to all time highest price i.e. $1.50 USD it almost hiked by 898103.59% and this is may be highest hike % of September 2020. MoonSwap gained attention from investor and expected to get more raking boost in future. Platform enable multiple incentive after user become MoonSwap LP they can earn Moon from transaction fees, earn fc, token partner. However, when community started growing then new incentives program will announced.

MoonSwap Price Prediction


Will Moon Reach $10 USD?

Yes, may in 2021.

Is MoonSwap a Good Investment?

Do your own research before investment in DeFi.


Compound who started DeFi trend and now everywhere in crypto community, we seeing different new project launching. new DeFi project coming with different theme like dishes, fruits and fast-food other food to create catchy front-end experience along with trying to provide higher APY for user. as most of decentralized project built on Ethereum Blockchain and also ETH is most used token for staking and swapping with different token. however, Ethereum 2.0 expected to solve all this scalability and gas fee problem but it can take more time, so moonSwap with solution may have good run DeFi market. It already gained huge response from investor after it crossed $10 million USD worth Token added for LP or Staking.

MoonSwap Rating