WeShow Token (WET) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is WeShow Token?

WeShow Token is another kind of altcoin or cryptocurrency which is used for payment or earnings purpose on “WeShow”. it is a Decentralized Short Video Sharing Platform for entertainment build on Blockchain and Intelligent contract excitation. WeShow App is the key factor of the project, which allow user to record short videos, Store video on your device, edit with beauty mode and live broadcasting or streaming.

WeToken i.e. WET is the token issued by We Show Blockchain. The WET token used to distribute within community member for their content. However, distribution need to pass from proof of Activity (PoA) and proof of contribution (PoC). the reward algorithm helps to improve quality and productivity of the community. The circulation of Token follows automatic allocation rule, where user get rewarded in every 24 hours, where WeToken (WET) will automatically added to their user personal wallet

The 50% of Supply of Supply of WET is used for distribution of reward and remaining 50% supply is owned by development team and used for development of the ecosystem and maintenance, research, bandwidth and hardware investment.

WET Price Prediction

Month & YearWET Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0067
December 2020$0.0079
January 2021$0.0073
February 2021$0.0077
March 2021$0.0090
April 2021$0.0095
May 2021$0.0082
June 2021$0.0103
July 2021$0.0107
August 2021$0.0116
September 2021$0.0097
October 2021$0.0117
November 2021$0.0137
December 2021$0.0144
January 2022$0.0132
February 2022$0.0165
March 2022$0.0181
April 2022$0.0207
May 2022$0.0225
June 2022$0.0209
July 2022$0.0238
August 2022$0.0228
September 2022$0.0144
October 2022$0.0148
November 2022$0.0158
December 2022$0.0170
January 2025$0.0172
March 2025$0.0178
May 2025$0.0488
July 2025$0.0481
October 2025$0.0509
Decemeber 2025$0.0584
January 2030$0.0541
March 2030$0.0819
May 2030$0.0874
July 2030$0.0847
October 2030$0.0865
December 2030$0.0936

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WeShow Token Overview

Project nameWe Show
Ticker SymbolWET
Total Supply1,250,000,000
Official websiteWe.show
Based onVideo sharing application Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.079208 USD
Exchange PlatformBithumb, BitZ
WalletWeShow Wallet

Wetoken ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
PartnersOJLAB, Bdecimal capital, imagination fund, manzi fund, nutscapital, greatvoyagecapital, it’s new,H. brother, wecasting, fuction, Slow mist, tokenbank, foundation X, Cashierest, coinrail.

WeShow Token Price Analysis

WeShow prices since end of June 2020 skyrocketing, where it reaches to $0.047 USD as highest average price of this year. we know since last few days due to privacy concern different country taking action on Tik Tok and other video sharing application. however, WeShow build on decentralized network taking care of privacy, security and blockchain backed reward system, where holding Token can be more profitable, so most of user sharing their content on Weshow. The sudden growth in number of user increase release of WET token and that helping to gain market cap volume. So WeShow can break all time high record in end of 2020 or beginning of 2021, if the more country started banning recently active video sharing apps.

WeShow token Price Prediction


Can WET Reach $1 USD?

Most probably in 2028 to 2029.

How Much WeShow Token Worth in 2030?

Expected trading between $1.5 to $1.7 USD

Is WeShow a Good Investment?

Yes, for long term and short term.


After Corona Pandemic hit all over world starting from this year January, WeShow has started gaining lot of users or viewers for content published by Content creators. In simple words, this WeShow app is similar application like TikTok or Helo where content creators do publish short 15 to 30 seconds videos and try to get maximum traffic over their videos. But publishers prefer live broadcasting videos for promotions as it can directly introduce features of products/services instead of entertainment videos. But only difference is you will get paid in the form of WeShow Token instead of FIAT currencies.

WeShow token Rating