TrustSwap (SWAP) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is TrustSwap?

Trustswap is brand new protect based on decentralized Finance DeFi that offer simple, safe and reliable transaction without any middleman. Trustswap is founded by Jeff Kideikis who is the founder of crypto based social media platform i.e. uptrennd. Trustswap aim to bring evolution DeFi Transaction along with solving DeFi problems.

Trustswap offers services like Escrow, time-released payment, smart swaps, however, in the key feature platform offers secure and timely payments along with split payment, where payment split up automatically and delivered in batches. Trustswap said to be scalable platform where it offers multi-platform payment from Ethereum based token to TUSD, DAI and more.

Trustswap with infinite use cases where automated employee payment can be possible eliminated traditional payroll software, however platform will be delivered payment on exact time & date given by the company using accountable smart contract. basically, using this platform you can schedule funds for your loved ones on their birthday with setting time interval and total token quantity. Trustswap charges very low transaction fees i.e. equal to 1% and contract cost 1% normal and for SWAP token holder it cost $0.5%.

TrustSwap Price Prediction

Month & YearSWAP Price Prediction
September 2020$0.4778
October 2020$0.4869
November 2020$0.4733
December 2020$0.4687
January 2021$0.5188
February 2021$0.5233
March 2021$0.5097
April 2021$0.5597
May 2021$0.6462
June 2021$0.7600
July 2021$0.6963
August 2021$0.6599
September 2021$0.7964
October 2021$0.7418
November 2021$0.8692
December 2021$0.9739
January 2022$0.9283
February 2022$0.9648
March 2022$1.0603
April 2022$1.0285
May 2022$1.0694
June 2022$1.0967
July 2022$1.0558
August 2022$1.0876
September 2022$1.1650
October 2022$1.2514
November 2022$1.2651
December 2022$1.3061
January 2025$2.6804
April 2025$2.6303
July 2025$2.7077
October 2025$2.9261
Decemeber 2025$2.8260
January 2030$4.6554
April 2030$4.7464
July 2030$5.1378
October 2030$5.1378
December 2030$6.0388

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TrustSwap Price Analysis

Trustswap indexed on CMC with price $0.065 USD average price. Now after registering 170% growth in last 24 hours gaining attention from investor and traders. There is not enough data for analysis, so after we get enough price history, we will publish analysis here.

TrustSwap Price Prediction

Trustswap Overview

Project nameTrustswap
Ticker SymbolSWAP
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onDeFi Payment Blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformMXC, Bilaxy, BiKi, Uniswap.

SWAP Token ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA


Can SWAP Reach $1 USD?

Yes, probably in 2021.

How Much SWAP Worth in 2030?

Probably reaching $10 USD

Is Trustswap a Good Investment?

Yes, profitable for long term and short term.


Trustswap coming with very unique concept that offers escrow services for business, institution and automatic solution for split payment. It has cross-chain system that allow universal token wrapping from any token to any blockchain and then can swapped into different blockchain like Monera, Bitcoin or cardano. However, Trustswap token offer key feature like longevity, stability, reduction fees, deflationary, staking rewards and governance. So, basically trustswap looks promising project and will be the great replacement for split and schedule payments. The project improving their platform phase by phase and aiming to become number one go-to DeFi ecosystem.

TrustSwap Rating