Dev Protocol (DEV) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Dev Protocol?

Dev Protocol said to be first ever Ethereum based Blockchain project that support sustainability with staking. Dev Protocol is designed to maximize rewards for creator and supporter of system that involved developer and stakers on the ecosystem. Ecosystem can have two type do participant where supporter can earn through staking and creator get rewards for monetizing their activity on the platform.

Dev Protocol aim to solve Sustainability issue, where thousands of activities get small value than expectation. Dev Protocol claim to monetize any open market include OSS, Open Access, Creative commons and other assets. So, basically Dev Protocol is platform that free to use and help user to create dApps, market and turns them into revenue with whatever use create, share and contribute. Dev Protocol said to be middleware that simply improve worth of revenue and let users earn maximum profit for their content.

Dev project was introduced their MVP in 2018 i.e. launched by family member include Mayumi, Aggre and Mariko, who is working in business industry since 2014. Right now, Dev Protocol has introduced more than 1500 project and combined all project complete 8.5 billion monthly download. $70k rewards already distributed in the users.

Dev Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearDev Protocol Price Prediction
November 2020#N/A
December 2020#N/A
January 2021#N/A
February 2021#N/A
March 2021#N/A
April 2021#N/A
May 2021#N/A
June 2021#N/A
July 2021#N/A
August 2021#N/A
September 2021#N/A
October 2021#N/A
November 2021#N/A
December 2021#N/A
January 2022#N/A
February 2022#N/A
March 2022#N/A
April 2022#N/A
May 2022#N/A
June 2022#N/A
July 2022#N/A
August 2022#N/A
September 2022#N/A
October 2022#N/A
November 2022#N/A
December 2022#N/A
January 2025#N/A
March 2025#N/A
May 2025#N/A
July 2025#N/A
October 2025#N/A
Decemeber 2025#N/A
January 2030#N/A
March 2030#N/A
May 2030#N/A
July 2030#N/A
October 2030#N/A
December 2030#N/A

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Dev Protocol Overview

Project nameDev Protocol
Ticker SymbolDEV
Total Supply12,415,751
Based onStaking and Reward
Launched year2019
All-time high$18.09 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap v2
WalletLedger, Metamask
PartnerMonex Venture, SIOS, Miraise, Microsoft, Hashhub
Dev Protocol Price Prediction

Dev Protocol Price Analysis

Dev Protocol brings ease in Staking by building innovative UI and this is reason why Dev already gained thousands of users on the platform. Platform use DEV as key currency for performing different operation of Dev Protocol. The Dev token is nothing but ERC20 Token built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. DEV Staking can lock token on the ecosystem that stabilized network worth. DEV token started trading on different platform with average price $2.88 USD and for 1-week DEV was trading at $3.50 USD average price. now jumping from $4.01 to $18.09 USD i.e. all-time highest price as of writing, as it registered 351% growth in just 4 days.


Can DEV Worth $100 USD?

Yes, may after 10 year from now.

How much Dev Protocol worth in 5 years?

Probably worth more than $25 USD.

Is Dev Protocol a Good Investment?

Yes, long term HODL recommended and try to buy before Winter 2021.


Dev Protocol surely gained thousand of content creator and investor too, in that specially dApps developer because its working principle is directly based on rewards and revenue. The Platform having great roadmap where they are planning to have their first IEO in 2021 for boosting worth of ecosystem. Dev Protocol planning to launch Dash dApp that work as automated fund and also help to choose best staking blockchain project. will receive update in future and new reward distribution will be introduced. Dev Protocol already begin their era and expected to grow big in staking field.

Dev Protocol Rating