Cypherium (CPH) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Cypherium?

Cypherium aim to innovate decentralized smart contract that enable connection and creation different apps, CBDC and digital asset of real world. The platform aim solves main problem of existing blockchain and wanted to complete vision of Nakamoto. Network based on Facebook’s Libra Blockchain with introduction key feature such interoperability, permissionless and scalability. Cyperium wanted create bridge between Smart contract and Central Bank Digital currencies, where millions user will make transactions.

Cypherium Team set main goal that include real-time transact, enable enterprise solution, connect with isolated data, open network for enfranchise and secure vault for data privacy. However, in the primary use case platform provide best solution for enterprises user. Cyperium has highly scalable and robust smart contract along with it still uses Proof of Work by decoupling traditional mining. Every transaction verification process on chain will use HotStuff BFT and same technology integrated by Libra.

Cypherium has adopted dual-chain hybrid consensus mechanism with vision of fully decentralized network. in hybrid mechanism network use combination of Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus Mechanism and Proof of Work. In hybrid chain project will takes their features such as efficiency, flexibility from PoW and low latency, historical dependability from PBFT. It follow multi-layer governance where it provide separate governance to protocol and application.

Cypherium Price Prediction

Month & YearCPH Price Prediction
November 2020$0.4256
December 2020$0.6272
January 2021$0.7980
February 2021$0.9352
March 2021$0.9660
April 2021$1.0696
May 2021$0.9940
June 2021$1.1536
July 2021$1.1956
August 2021$1.1172
September 2021$1.2768
October 2021$1.3664
November 2021$1.4588
December 2021$1.3776
January 2022$1.5064
February 2022$1.5568
March 2022$1.4336
April 2022$1.6492
May 2022$1.7220
June 2022$1.7808
July 2022$1.6772
August 2022$1.7752
September 2022$1.8676
October 2022$1.9292
November 2022$2.0832
December 2022$1.9460
January 2025$2.0552
March 2025$2.1840
May 2025$2.2736
July 2025$3.3292
October 2025$3.2984
Decemeber 2025$3.4244
January 2030$3.7604
March 2030$5.5272
May 2030$5.6336
July 2030$5.5132
October 2030$5.5944
December 2030$5.9136

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Cypherium Overview

Project nameCypherium
Ticker SymbolCPH
Total Supply8,400,000,000
Based onEnterprise Solution
Launched year2017
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformNA
WalletCypherium Wallet

CPH ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn blockchain
Raised by$24,000,000 USD
Date of ICO16th September 2020
ICO Price$0.25 USD
PartnersMicrosoft, IBM, Chainlink, IBM, Google Cloud, OMFIF, Randstad, IC3, Societe Generale, Bloxroute, Amazon AWS, SUZHO, Faster Payment Council, CBDC,
Cypherium Price Prediction

Cypherium Price Analysis

Cypherium innovated by CPH Token that empower features like Smart Contract, Transaction and Decentralized Application. CPH Token distribution via public sale is postponed from 14th September to 16 September 2020. The sale will be divided in two phases, where phase 1 CPH token value equal to $0.25 USD and in 2nd phase Token value is $0.28 USD. as per roadmap presale and mainnet launch expected to finish before Q3 2020 but we already into Q4 2020. Cypherium in 2020 will be list on trading platform and if they successfully attract investor then price after listing may cross $1 USD mark easily.


Will CPH Coin hit $10?

Yes, if in listing price close to $2 USD then $10 USD possible in 2025.

How Much CPH Worth in 2030?

Probably worth $25 USD.

Is Cypherium a Good Investment?

Yes, try to buy in Public sale.


The team behind Cypherium Blockchain project is highly experience in blockchain industry and at personal level they have founder different blockchain project and research of implementation. Before launching mainnet Cyperium was advertised by Coingecko platform that almost one of popular crypto market portal. Cypherium is highly innovative project that already solve compelling problem like Scalability, Interoperability. In final product Cypherium Blockchain can achieve scalability, openness, Flexibility, enterprise solution, open source infrastructure. in partnership project already integrated with tech giant companies like Google, Cloud, Microsoft, IBM even before mainnet launch. So, in future cypherium will be easily in top 100 picture and gained million worth market volume.

Cypherium Rating