Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction 2020 Future Forecast Till $500 USD


Ethereum looks solid from beginning of 2020 means another coin will be making headline in 2020, as we know there is 2nd highest market cap holder with really good technology of transactions and most of the top coins uses this technology to exchange or buy their coins, so after losing 2nd spot to Ripple i.e. XRP, most of the people started thinking that ETH will be never come back but because of consistency as well as privacy again Ethereum grabs their original position, when other coins was struggling to retain their position on table, so after looking at current position ETH is almost having double market cap value than XRP, but that’s not enough to survive in market, ETH needs to provide cheaper transaction fees, faster speed for any type of transactions as well as smart contact technology need to be upgraded.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Price Prediction

ETH was trading $131 USD price on 30th December 2019 but after new year momentum started changing and in just 3 weeks ETH reaches to $171 USD, so as per calculation ETH gained 31% growth in just 18 days, which is not that big but still better performance as compare to last 3 month of 2019, as many expert trader believes that this worst attempt to get momentum of Ethereum in new year and after some months somewhat near in March or April 2020 again fall will be coming and again prices will started dropping, as in 2020 there are lots of things going in favor of cryptocurrency, as much pending decision over cryptocurrency may get final result, which gives sudden growth in number of investors which automatically helps into increasing market cap value along with growth in prices also will be there and again Crypto market start bouncing.

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ETH Price Prediction 2020

Bitcoin already reaches $9000 USD and expected to cross $10k USD mark somewhere in February 2020, as half of market cap supply is still available for trading or mining, so along with BTC, ETH also getting some kind of response and if current growth rate continues till beginning of march 2020 then for sure ETH prices will be going to cross $200 USD mark, yes this not even 15% of all-time highest price ETH i.e. $1401 USD, but looking at current situation Ethereum going, as founder of ETH Elevate UX who is Trader Also was talking about ETH where is wishes to ETH crossed $169 USD so is start going bullish, as ETH already crossed $169 USD and again dropped to $164 price, so this fluctuation going really well and hope after that Ethereum will surge with constant percentage to get enough attention from investor.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
March 2020$190 USD
April 2020$203 USD
May 2020$214 USD
June 2020$221 USD
July 2020$235 USD
August 2020$241 USD
September 2020$285 USD
October 2020$301 USD
November 2020$320 USD
December 2020$342 USD

Note: The above prediction is set according to their previous year’s performance.

So looking at above chart the most probably ETH will crossed $300 USD marked in somewhere in December 2020 and $200 USD mark possible somewhere in July 2020, as this report is set just following price chart of ETH and also we have considered Ethereum upcoming events and partnership, as there are lots of improvement will be seen in ETH technology as they planning to launch 2.0 Blockchain Smart Contact technology which can be faster than any other cryptocurrency based on Smart contact and also give more AI experience so that they start protecting from hackers and their attacks, as many people believe this prediction is still not that impactable ETH should be cross $500 USD mark, but many top experts already giving up on ETH because slow technology upgrade, so if only they complete their promises then only ETH Can rise in near future with huge percentage and will cross $1000 mark at beginning of 2021, but practically that will not be going to happen so just consider above prediction while investing or go for other cryptos which can give better conversion rate than ETH.

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