Mantra DAO (OM) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Mantra DAO?

Mantra DAO is community governance Decentralized Finance DeFi Project. in project mantra DAO mantra is spiritual words that means advice and OM is Indian spiritual symbol. The project built on RIO chain for Polkadot, however this RIO chain is fully secure, scalable and connected to Polkadot Blockchain network. RIO Chain poses it as hybrid mode with higher throughput, interoperability and adaptability.

Project mainly focusing on improving Governance, Staking, Lending, Borrowing along with new feature of Karma and Mantra Pool. however, It follow as node structure as Kusama and polkadot, however DOT and KSM user will get benefit for accessing Network. Mantra DAO enable lending and borrowing i.e. crypto finance where user can easily opt for loans with instant access for stablecoin like USDT and other. in Karma feature, network will keep record of reputation of user i.e. work similar like Credit score in banking department. Mantra pool is perpetual saving games where can play games to earn crypto. however, rewards distribution and access of governance will dependent on OM Token.

In use case Mantra DAO support multi-asset lending and staking, merit-based rewards system and self-governance organization. In simple words Mantra provides cross chain access to DeFi Project, new type of incentivizes, ability to change system parameter via voting.

Mantra DAO Price Prediction

Month & YearOM Price Prediction
November 2020$0.2976
December 2020$0.4386
January 2021$0.5581
February 2021$0.6540
March 2021$0.6755
April 2021$0.7480
May 2021$0.6951
June 2021$0.8067
July 2021$0.8361
August 2021$0.7813
September 2021$0.8929
October 2021$0.9555
November 2021$1.0202
December 2021$0.9634
January 2022$1.0534
February 2022$1.0887
March 2022$1.0025
April 2022$1.1533
May 2022$1.2042
June 2022$1.2453
July 2022$1.1729
August 2022$1.2414
September 2022$1.3060
October 2022$1.3491
November 2022$1.4568
December 2022$1.3609
January 2025$1.4372
March 2025$1.5273
May 2025$1.5900
July 2025$2.3281
October 2025$2.3066
Decemeber 2025$2.3947
January 2030$2.6297
March 2030$3.8652
May 2030$3.9396
July 2030$3.8554
October 2030$3.9122
December 2030$4.1355

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Mantra DAO Overview

Project nameMantra DAO
Ticker SymbolOM
Total Supply109,180,888
Based onDeFi
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.65 USD
Exchange PlatformOKEx, Uniswap V2, Hotbit, Bithumb Global,, Poloniex, Hoo, Bitmart, Bilaxy.
WalletMeta Mask, Ledger, Trust Wallet.

OM ICO Overview

Platform usedRST-88
Raised by$5,930,000 USD
Date of ICO19 August 2020
ICO Price$0.078 USD
PartnersRIODeFi, Kenetic, Genesis Block,, LD Capital, Hex Trust, Master Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Genblock Capital, Market Across, Dominus, Revelation Fund, Vendetta Capital, Consensus Lab, FTX.
Mantra DAO Price Prediction

Mantra DAO Price Analysis

Mantra DAO built on Polkadot i.e. top 10 highest market volume project and based on DeFi which recently cross $7 billion volume as of writing. Mantra DAO massively pushing boundaries with interoperability with DeFi and other DeFi feature. However, OM Token massive gained market volume and in future it could surge with consistent bullish trend. however, holding OM Token can help to grow reputation i.e. karma on the platform via karma protocol, this karma help user to get loan easily in future. however, Mantra Pool also free for OM holder i.e. also another way to earn passive income. On 29th October 2020 OM is listed on Coingecko with average price $0.47 and one week after that it went down to $0.31 USD i.e. because all market experience crash. However, it already enters into top 200 project and possibly surge in raking once market recover.


Will OM Token hit $1?

May possible in year 2020 or beginning of 2021.

How much OM will be worth in 5 years?

Probably worth more somewhere near $3 USD.

Is Mantra DAO a Good Investment?

Yes, long term HODL recommended.


Mantra DAO governance backed DeFi platform based on simple and secure network for staking service and optimized OM for addition interest for users. The project is integrated with most advance blockchain product to create all in one Finance without interference of intermediaries. Project promises faster and transparent system, where problem of traditional finance will be solved. In real use cases problem like capital requirement, high interest rate, lack of user experience, opaque governance and low saving rates will be replaced by cryptographic feature.

Mantra DAO Rating