Serum (SRM) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Serum?

Serum project is said to be world first fully decentralized exchange derivatives exchange. Serum launched by FTX trading platform i.e. built on and powered by Solana Blockchain. The project claim to be innovate DeFi ecosystem providing what customer demanded with fast, secure, scalable liquid decentralized Exchange. The current DeFi space has some limitation and lack feature that improved by Serum network.

Serum aim to on all function of decentralized exchange with trustless cross-chain trading on Ethereum Blockchain without compromising speed and price. Serum will be the interoperable with Ethereum that support thousand of asset exchange in future. Platform based main feature such as cross-chain chain, orderbook supported by centralized exchange without automated market, on-chain stablecoin dilemma that doesn’t depend of bank.

Serum Project supported by SRM token that offers up to 60% off fees and also act as governance token that enable voting for Serum Network. Serum also offers staking with SRM Token that enable rewards program and also improve network performance. The buy and burn program will be run every week for user benefit, where all fees used from Serum network. Serum will be launching two major Token in ecosystem i.e. SerumBTC i.e. ERC20 token for Bitcoin and SerumUSD i.e. decentralized stablecoin.

Serum Price Prediction

Month & YearSRM Price Prediction
November 2020$2.0537
December 2020$2.3928
January 2021$2.2232
February 2021$2.3551
March 2021$2.7319
April 2021$2.9015
May 2021$2.4870
June 2021$3.1464
July 2021$3.2595
August 2021$3.5233
September 2021$2.9392
October 2021$3.5609
November 2021$4.1638
December 2021$4.3711
January 2022$4.0131
February 2022$5.0305
March 2022$5.5204
April 2022$6.2929
May 2022$6.8393
June 2022$6.3494
July 2022$7.2538
August 2022$6.9523
September 2022$4.3711
October 2022$4.5030
November 2022$4.8233
December 2022$5.1813
January 2025$5.2378
March 2025$5.4074
May 2025$14.8655
July 2025$14.6583
October 2025$15.5061
Decemeber 2025$17.7670
January 2030$16.4670
March 2030$24.9454
May 2030$26.6034
July 2030$25.7933
October 2030$26.3396
December 2030$28.4875

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Serum Overview

Project nameSerum
Ticker SymbolSRM
Total Supply31,000,000
Based onDeFi DEX
Launched year2020
All-time highUSD
Exchange PlatformBinance, FTX, Bitmax, 1inch exchange

SRM ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$660,000 USD
Date of ICO11 August 2020
ICO Price$0.11 USD
Partners3commas, FTX, Alameda Research, Solana, Factblock, Evernew Capital, Gauntlet Network,, AKG Ventures, Tomochain, Genesis Block, Multicoin Capital, TrueEdge Capital, ParaFi Capital, Lemniscap, Kyber Network, Sino Global Capital.
Serum Price Prediction

Serum Price Analysis

Serum another DeFi project gained huge trading volume in less than 24 hours and now almost surged by 5000+% after indexing on Coinmarketcap. SRM witness highest hiked rate on 12th August 2020 and expected to continue bullish trend that may help to cross $5 USD mark in few weeks. The Solana and FTX exchange who already dominating blockchain market since last few month that also beneficial for this project. As per the report SRM token on Binance currently one of most traded crypto tokens with USDT and BTC market. SRM will be unstoppable in upcoming week that will surge with skyrocket speed.


Will SRM hit $10 USD?

Yes, if it continues to follow bullish trend then possible in early 2021.

How much SRM coin will be worth in 5 years?

The most expected figure will around $20 USD.

How Much Serum Worth in 2030?

Probably trading between $40 to $45 USD.

Is Serum a Good Investment?

Yes, most recommended before $5 USD worth.


FTX CEO is impressed with Solana and wanted to bring fully decentralized project in the DeFi Space and that works as expected. The Serum is powerful, scalable, stacked with thousand of demanded features by user. It basically cross-chain support wrapped coins, orderbooks and stablecoins with interoperability on Ethereum blockchain will challenge existing DEX. The Decentralized exchange not same anymore every new project brings something special that matches user’s expectation. According project team, Serum is pure DeFi and they really mean it. Serum finally combine speed and decentralized in the one network that can change future of DeFi and become new standard of DeFi space.

Serum Rating