DeFiPie (PIE) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is DeFiPie?

DeFiPie is all in one DeFi platform that bring different DeFi services at one network. DeFiPie wanted create Financial services system that fully decentralized by avoid central entity. The project founded with combination of LaaS (Lending as a Service), LPaaS (Liquidity Pool as a Service) and SaaS (staking as a service). DeFiPie create Super DeFi application with user friendly interference that integrated with Data and information coming from different off-chain services and protocol.

DeFiPie will provide service i.e. highly demanded in Decentralized finance available in one interface. Using Super DeFiPie app all borrowers, liquidity providers and Staker will be get benefit like automated lending in P2P loans, creating lending, staking pool and liquidity, stake different supported asset including. Easy match loan with maximum efficiency with Sophisticated matching engine mechanism.

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In staking user can choose different platform to stake their token include Polkadot, Cosmos, Tezos, Cardano, Kasuma and Celo, as this PoS based Asset has maximum number of users. Lending and borrowing become easier with no requirement of registration, KYV and third-party involvement along with fixed rate on lending. User can earn also provide liquidity in LPAAS yield farming, where yearly return will be around 150%. The platform uses PIE a governance Token i.e. distributed who lock value in the protocol. PIE compulsory for setting liquidity pool and paying rewards to liquidity provider.

DeFiPie Price Prediction

Month & YearPIE Price Prediction
June 2021$0.1219
July 2021$0.2262
August 2021$0.2554
September 2021$0.2744
October 2021$0.3138
November 2021$0.4218
December 2021$0.4546
January 2022$0.6933
February 2022$0.8173
March 2022$0.9560
April 2022$0.8903
May 2022$1.1092
June 2022$1.1895
July 2022$1.3282
August 2022$1.0582
September 2022$1.2625
October 2022$1.4960
November 2022$1.3355
December 2022$1.4230
July 2023$1.6055
January 2025$3.2913
March 2025$3.0066
May 2025$3.2256
July 2025$2.8534
September 2025$3.3059
October 2025$3.4153
Decemeber 2025$3.5905
January 2030$6.3636
March 2030$6.7431
May 2030$7.3269
July 2030$7.6042
September 2030$7.0204
December 2030$7.8450

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DeFiPie Overview

Project nameDeFiPie
Ticker SymbolPIE
Total Supply220,000,000
Based onAll in One DeFi Super App
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.55 USD
Exchange PlatformBibox, Uniswap V2
WalletUnifyre Wallet, Metamask
PartnerFerrum network, Unifyre, BLOCKFYRE, Moonrock Capital. Chainlink, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud.  
DeFiPie Price Prediction

DeFiPie Price Analysis

DeFiPie has not planned any ICO distribution program and debuted with average price of $0.20 USD on 6th august 2020. DeFiPie in just three surged by 150 and reached to $0.50 USD. DeFiPie looks promising with feature they offering in DeFi and considering skyrocketing growth of DeFi market, this project may follow bullish trend. DeFipie can easily reach $1 USD mark in 2020 and will be closer to reach $5 USD mark.


Will DeFiPie hit $10?

Yes, Probably after 3 years

How much PIE will be worth in 5 years?

Expected to cross $15 USD mark.

How Much PIE Worth in 2030?

May worth more than $25 USD

Is DeFiPie a Good Investment?

Yes, you can unlock lending, staking and liquidity pool by HODL pie Token.


DeFipie is first ever decentralized Finance Super Application that offer lending, staking and liquidity pool together. The project still consider DeFi is still in early stage of development and their lot to come in future. So, providing all trending feature in crypto market after studying market with different type of asset support than top DeFi project like Compound and Cosmos. DeFiPie also has automatic lending mode that makes lending more easier and expected to launch more similar tools for staking and liquidity can bring more user on the platform.

DeFiPie Rating