Meta (MTA) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Meta?

mStable officially launched their first ever Protocol Token i.e. Meta Token. The main purpose of launching MTA is to reduce investment risk of mUSD trader or holders, as it also helps user to participant in governance ecosystem that include voting. MTA token can be staked so user will regain their loss from the generated revenue of mStable, so user can simply recover lost value by selling MTA Token.

MTA is launched on mStable i.e. permissionless protocol that combines lending, swapping and lending into one standard format. This protocol implementation will solve major stablecoin problem that include significant fragmentation in same-peg asset, lack of native yield and lack of insurance. Basically, mStable provides one stop decentralized solution for stablecoin users that built of stable, rapid scaling, robust and easy characteristics.

mStable makes official announcement about disitributing MTA token to the early investor with promise, where user need to locked their token for 90 days. the token unlocked went from 2.8% to 11%, as these tokens are still not considered good for investment because the reason behind launching it. Right now, Meta offers mstable assets rewards on daily basis for insuring mStable.

Meta Price Prediction

Month & YearMTA Price Prediction
September 2020$6.9940
October 2020$8.1489
November 2020$7.5714
December 2020$8.0206
January 2021$9.3039
February 2021$9.8814
March 2021$8.4697
April 2021$10.7155
May 2021$11.1005
June 2021$11.9988
July 2021$10.0097
August 2021$12.1271
September 2021$14.1804
October 2021$14.8862
November 2021$13.6671
December 2021$17.1320
January 2022$18.8003
February 2022$21.4310
March 2022$23.2918
April 2022$21.6235
May 2022$24.7034
June 2022$23.6768
July 2022$14.8862
August 2022$15.3354
September 2022$16.4262
October 2022$17.6453
November 2022$17.8378
December 2022$18.4153
January 2025$50.6260
April 2025$49.9201
July 2025$52.8076
October 2025$60.5073
Decemeber 2025$56.0800
January 2030$84.9541
April 2030$90.6006
July 2030$87.8415
October 2030$89.7023
December 2030$97.0170

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Meta Token Overview

Project namemStable
Ticker SymbolMETA Token, MTA
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onDeFi
Launched year2020
All-time high$8.00 USD
Exchange PlatformPoloniex, Hoo, Hotbit, Bilaxy, IDEX, Switcheo Network, Eterbase, uniswap, BiKi
WalletMetamask, MyEtherWallet

MTA ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$4,720,000 USD
Date of ICO18 July 2020
ICO Price$0.15 USD
PartnersDACM, Three Arrows Capital and Arthur0x.

MTA Price Analysis

The market of MTA liquidity pool begins with price of $0.15 USD and gets listed on coinmarketcap with price $3.48 USD and now started fluctuating. As of writing today MTA was very close to cross $10 USD, as still there problem in distribution because of most of MTA token supply is yet launched and not following schedule, however CEO looking into matter and apologise to the users on twitter. So, after shaking matter initially by yearn finance, now MTA all set to dream run on the market and expected to go bullish in upcoming days.

Meta Price Prediction


Can MTA Reach $10 USD?

Yes, probably end of this year or beginning of 2021.

How Much MTA Worth in 2030?

Expected to worth $25 USD

Is Meta a Good Investment?

Yes, but staking will be great option.


Following roadmap of mStable there mainnet and staking started in Q4 2020. The project enhancing Ethereum Blockchain power. User still earning MTA token under program Balancer Liquidity program, as being key part of re-collateralisation mechanism, which is launching in some month. Decentralized governance also coming soon in which MTA holder can stake their token to govern mstable and gets staking rewards for fuel ecosystem.

Meta Rating