Polkacover (CVR) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Polkacover?

Polka stands for Polkadot and cover stands for insurance i.e., DeFi insurance marketplace for Crypto. Polkacover aiming to insure all crypto, NFT and DeFI asset by providing faster, easier and transparent insurance for users. This is first ever project of insurance market build on DeFi ecosystem with the help of Polkadot Blockchain. Polkacover was founded in 2019 and since then team working on providing best ever insurance services with blockchain technology. original aim behind introducing Polkacover is to provider crypto friendly insurance and policy purchase with marketplace.

Polkacover has built one-stop-shop where user can access crypto and insurance as per their requirement. Network willing to create bridge between user and different global insurance providers. however, in the product list project will support crypto protection, health, life, education, family, car and other insurance plans.

Moreover, project also working on cheaper insurance offering by introducing several tokenized incentives. Developer have great experience of working with multi-national insurance companies, as Crypto continue gained popularity at global level then this insurance and Crypto integration will benefit for both end. Current no blockchain project actively manages and provides policy and with polkadot many existing will be solved. As per roadmap project will provide option for third party insurance companies administration, insurance DAO and marketplace.

Polkacover Price Prediction

Month & YearCVR Price Prediction
April 2021$1.36
May 2021$1.62
June 2021$1.81
July 2021$1.91
August 2021$2.06
September 2021$1.53
October 2021$1.81
November 2021$1.99
December 2021$2.35
January 2022$2.40
February 2022$2.62
March 2022$2.80
April 2022$2.71
May 2022$3.16
June 2022$2.89
July 2022$3.22
August 2022$2.98
September 2022$3.18
October 2022$3.00
November 2022$3.25
December 2022$3.07
January 2025$3.22
March 2025$12.40
April 2025$12.94
May 2025$12.58
July 2025$13.03
September 2025$13.13
October 2025$12.94
Decemeber 2025$12.76
January 2030$13.05
February 2030$24.97
March 2030$24.62
April 2030$25.16
May 2030$25.44
July 2030$25.71
September 2030$25.24
October 2030$25.62
December 2030$25.97

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Polkacover Overview

Project namePolkacover
Ticker SymbolCVR
Total Supply137,865,569
Official websitePolkacover.com
Based onPolkadot Blockchain
Launched year2019
All-time high2.04
Exchange PlatformBilaxy, Uniswap, 1inch Exchange, 0x Protocol
WalletMetmask, WalletConenct

CVR ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
ICO Price$0.08 USD
Partners971 insurance, Israeli blockchain association, ferrum network, DuckDAO, Propeller, Ocean Ventures, ZBS Capital, Titans, The Whites Holding, DeltaHub Capital, Gains Associates.  

CVR Price Analysis

CVR is mainstream token of Polkacover ecosystem that has multiple uses started from buying policy, issuance from marketplace. Polkacover will provide discount on insurance for that CVR token based incentive program will be running that make platform stronger. CVR will be available on payment gateway and also gets integrated with crypto based customer. Cross border policy can be purchased via CVR token and to boost use of token 40% discount for payment via CVR. Polkacover Token has listed with price opening price $0.31 USD that is 287% gained from ICO price. CVR price almost tipped to $2 USD in value and after being added in top trading platform prices can go above $5 USD.

Polkacover Price Prediction


Will CVR hit $10 USD?

Expected before December 2021

Is Polkacover a Good Investment?

Unique concept that bringing two biggest industry together.


Polkacover is simply bringing insurance market closer to crypto market, as it will benefit both industries simultaneously. We know crypto is almost adopted by almost every industry and being under financial tag Insurance need to gets more advanced technology. Crypto with decentralized approach solved different problem and also solved mainstream issues such as low transaction speed and higher fees. now, Polkacover that allowing insurance companies to directly approach user with multiple crypto payment and discount will defiantly gain attention. So, Polkacover will definitely sees huge growth in insurance seeker and its market cap volume keeps surging. So, Polka innovated projects continue to impress with concept and return on investment.

Polkacover Rating