Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019 | Top 5 Coins to Buy Now

Blockchain is getting better day by day and now by improving all factor such as transaction time, speed and security for every transaction which resulting into every coin price graph is going up, since May 2019 and many of them already crosses all time highest record and now people are still struggling to choose which of them best crypto for investment because many times investor buy any coin prices suddenly dropped after few days so considering many factor we have listed few coins who can give you huge profit.  

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019

  1. Binance Coin
  2. Bitcoin SV
  3. BitTorrent
  4. Litecoin
  5. Tron
  6. Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash SV)

 First of all what does Best cryptocurrency means, with this here we begin there are lots of factor on which cryptocurrency price growth are related in which main factor is partnership, as from 2018 many cryptocurrency owner started knowing that if you buy any company or makes partnership with same technology container, so after makes announcement on official social media profile, people will start investing in huge number which create sudden growth in market cap value and then it automatically help to grow price of that specific cryptocurrency, right now Cryptocurrency market is boosting again after almost 1.5 year of long wait, as in 2017 cryptocurrency business started introducing to many investor and common people and after watching growth report people started investing in money with huge number at a time in which market is exploded in from December 2017 and it continue till march 2018.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019
Best Cryptocurrency To invest in 2019

 After march 2018 back to back trouble coming on the way rising Blockchain, which was started from South Korea, China and Asia’s biggest country in terms of investor India who put official banned on cryptocurrency, in which government not officially makes announcement but respective country main bank released notice on Crypto related transaction will not be takes place and give small interval of time for taken out their investment because of this sudden drop in investor has been seen along with drops in miners and again there has been problem with security issue in which huge number of Bitcoins and other altcoin are stolen by hacker and also user data of bigger trading website are hacked to stole coins from their account and along with this transaction fees are started rising resulting into people started losing trust on Blockchain and again there is dropped in price so this continuous problem creating into crash of crypto market. But 2019 is showing some hope for investor who HODL their investment since 2018.

Top 5 Coins to Buy Now

Note: coins which are suggested below is just advice for investor all over world, we do not support any cryptocurrency and investing, so invest at your own risk.

Binance Coin

BNB Coin is one of the most profitable cryptocurrency in 2019 and reason behind this BNB already crosses all time highest record which was set in January 2018 and created new all-time highest by reaching $32.16 USD which was observed on 25th May 2019, now talking about why we ranked no.1 to Binance and reason behind this is they have their own trading portal which is nothing but which is world biggest buying/selling and affiliate network, who has billion of investor all over world and they always offering big rewards on every purchase and also charging very low transaction fees for any amount, so this keep updating transaction keep fluctuating calculating supply which result into continuous price changes and now they become of the powerful trading network because If any coin got delisted from Binance then investor start losing trust on that specific currency, so HODL Binance will secure your investment and also investor who holding 5000 BNB got special offer on referral program, in that they offer you 40% commission from referred friend.

Time Interval Price Change in Percentage
December 2018 to January 2019 22.46%
January 2019 To February 2019 6.65%
February 2019 to March 2019 67.42%
March 2019 to April 2019 57.18%
April 2019 To May 2019 25.96%
May 2019 to End of May 2019 55.87%

Note: Above report was set on 30th May 2019.

 Now talking about growth report or graph then from 7th December 2018 to end of May 2019 then BNB was hiked by 570.94% from $5.05 USD to $33.98 USD, means if you was able to get BNB of worth $100 then in just 5 month you will get $570 USD which is really huge even with small investment and following Binance Coin Price Prediction in 2020 may be cross $100 USD mark, so buying at price of $25 USD and then selling at $100 USD will easily give 750% profit.

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin stands on Bitcoin Satoshi Vision who invented Bictoin which is first ever cryptocurrency and during launch owner has to release white paper in which officials has to mentioned on which technology they are going to use and along with this they have mentioned what will this make impact in future and what features will be added in upcoming year, so there are lots of things which can’t be changed in Bitcoin because of lots of things going from 2018, so Satoshi decided to launched new Fork version which is also known as Original Bitcoin, who making headline since April 2019 and already ranking 8th position on highest market cap holder list beating Tether and Stellar Lumens and this achievement in just 7 month of launch, so considering this fast growth and huge number of supply is still available BSV will be great choice for investor, but as per report Binance was delisted Bitcoin SV because of some reason, as real reason is still unknown but they will fix their internal issue soon and if they able to get their position back that will be great news for Bitcoin SV, because on 30th may 2019 unknown person posted fake news about BSV will relisted on Binance and immediately after this news prices are hiked by 93%.

Time Interval Price Change in Percentage
30th April 2019 to 30th May 2019 337.73%
15th May 2019 to 31sth May 2019 185.71%

Note: above valued reported on 31st May 2019.

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BitTorrent is world biggest downloading application software who has billions of clients all over world in which 160+ country clients has downloaded or installed this application, as in the ranking of decentralized Application then after Bitcoin who has 32 Billion address, BitTorrent become biggest Decentralized Application and taking this advantages into cryptocurrency Tron officially makes partnership with Bittorrent who offering foundation to decentralized application, so after uniting world biggest centralized Application and protocol provider both company becoming strong in market, as we know Tron is dominating in market cap with doing back to back big partnership for continuous engagement and interest of investor, as Tron previous biggest partnership was Chinese Netflix, after that their price was increasing huge steady growth percentage and that was time where all cryptocurrency is going down means facing crash for long time, that time tron capture huge number of investor, so similarly BitTorrent is showing consistent growth from 1st May 2019 and already capture 31st position in highest market cap holder list in less than 3 months and now still more than 60% of supply is available, so with huge supply of BTT is Future and turning out to be best for investment.

Time interval Price Change in Percentage
January 2019 To February 2019 60.78%
February 2019 to March 2019 6.42%
March 2019 to April 2019 5.18%
April 2019 To May 2019 2.96%
May 2019 to End of May 2019 174.19

Note: last reading was taken on 31st May 2019.

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Litecoin may suffer ranking drop in highest market cap list but from December 2018 LTC dominating price graph and on 25th May 2019 Litecoin again crossed $100 USD mark, so from $25 USD to $108 USD it Litecoin takes 5 month, so this is not huge profit percentage but steady and confirm profit amount, as we know Litecoin was ranking on 4th position, but due to huge loss in investor in beginning of 2018 started losing momentum, but we know Litecoin come up with great technology which gives better transaction time and security but along with this they have very less transaction fees for smaller transaction fees is near to zero and now days they rewarding 25 Litecoin for each Block mining, so miner also start creating new Litecoin which is really great to keep updating market cap value will be great news for investor, now current growth percentage is 332% so if invest $100 USD then in less than 5 month you will get $332 USD, which will great profit percentage.

Time Interval Price change in Percentage
Beginning of December 2018 to End of January 2019 29.16%
Beginning of January 2019 to End of January 2019 9.03%
Beginning of February 2019 to End of February 2019 38.16%
Beginning of march 2019 to End of march 2019 28.47%
Beginning of April 2019 to End of April 2019 21.66%
Beginning of May 2019 to End of May 2019 58.90
December 2018 to 31st May 2019 364%

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$0.25 USD was the highest price of TRX Cryptocurrency, only cryptocurrency who has better technology and feature is Tron because after making partnership with one of the best entertainment related portal such Netflix and one of most downloaded software BitTorrent they become unstoppable, because to buy BTT coin there will be need of TRX as Exchange coin which means If there is growth in BitTorrrent market cap value then automatically Tron prices will go upwards because uses of Tron Blockchain in their network, as CEO & Founder of Tron on twitter he mentioned that price on the moon is near which means another price growth rate will be greater than 100% or more, which will help to attract number of investor all over world, as we know number of premium member of different content base platform is increasing day by day and for them Tron providing more secure and steady platform for transaction.

Bitocin Cash SV

As per report that Bitcoin Cash is going merged with Bitcoin Cash ABC, so there will be new Cryptocurrency or relaunching of Bitcoin Cash with name Bitcoin Cash SV but till now we consider as Bitcoin Cash till official report on is released, so as we know Bitcoin cash was one of the best cryptocurrency after Ripple and Bitcoin who was currently holding 4th position and after merging process more number of calculating supply will be available which means main problem with low supply will not be there and also just like Bitcoin SV creating buzz from last 3 month similarly Bitcoin SV will make headline in market and will give you huge profit.

Cryptocurrency Name Binance Coin Bitcoin SV BitTorrent Litecoin Tron Bitcoin Cash SV
Official Website Tron.netowk
Maximum Supply 189,175,490 BNB 21,000,000 BSV 990,000,000,000 BTT 84,000,000 LTC 99,281,283,754 TRX 21,000,000 BCH
ROI (Return on Investment) 9000% 108.47% 183.92% 2,419.49% 1,443.35% -23.87%
Technology Business & Trading Platform Original Bitcoin Blockchain Tron Blockchain Bitcoin mining Protocol Decentralized Application Platfrom Blockchain Platfrom

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