DODO Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is DODO?

DODO is said to be next generation decentralized exchange i.e. DEX project that aim to provide 10x better liquidity than Uniswap. DODOEX i.e. will be main tradition platform that studied existing AMM solution in that they have discovered most of them fail to provided expected liquidity. DODO has introduced newest market maker algorithm called as proactive market maker i.e. PMM. DODO now official become first project that based on PMM that help to minimize risk for LPs and also stabilized portfolio.

DODO aim to become next generation liquidity provider and with PMM project will ensure pure on-chain and contract fillable liquidity. however, DODO believe that existing AMM algorithm are too primitive and static for long time run and also, they not user friendly, responsive and intelligent. so, to solve this problem DODO decided to launched their own project that can handle real time market fluctuation and liquidity constraints.

Project like uniswap, Balancer and Curve faces low fund utilization rate and unstable rate, where only 1 to 2% funding pools available at perfect price and other market remain underutilized. We know market keep fluctuation but due to unstable portfolio means slow updating in price. in the process of adjusting prices, AMM waited for arbitrageurs’ trades that can cause delay and loss in LPs.

DODO Price Prediction

Month & YearDODO Price Prediction
April 2021$6.9170
May 2021$8.2424
June 2021$9.1951
July 2021$9.7335
August 2021$10.4791
September 2021$7.7868
October 2021$9.1951
November 2021$10.1063
December 2021$11.9702
January 2022$12.2187
February 2022$13.3370
March 2022$14.2483
April 2022$13.7926
May 2022$16.0707
June 2022$14.7039
July 2022$16.3606
August 2022$15.1595
September 2022$16.1535
October 2022$15.2423
November 2022$16.5263
December 2022$15.6151
January 2025$16.3606
March 2025$63.0402
April 2025$65.7739
May 2025$63.9515
July 2025$66.2295
September 2025$66.7266
October 2025$65.7739
Decemeber 2025$64.8627
January 2030$66.3538
February 2030$126.9503
March 2030$125.1692
April 2030$127.9029
May 2030$129.3112
July 2030$130.6780
September 2030$128.3171
October 2030$130.2224
December 2030$132.0449

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DODO Overview

Project nameDODO
Ticker SymbolDODO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onDEX
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.065 USD
Exchange PlatformDODOEX

DODO ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$11,00,000 USD
Date of ICONA
ICO Price$0.05 USD
Dodo Price Prediction

DODO Price analysis

As per the report published on 20th September 2020 by DODO official, they claimed that Exchange fetching $10 million daily volume and till now over $75 million worth value locked. In same report they also announced DODO governance token on DODO ecosystem. DODO token is part of long-term roadmap along with tree autonomous organization that include admin DAO, risk control DAO and Earn DAO. However, DODO token holder will help them to involved in governance decision and discussion. From total supply of 1 billion token, 60% supply will be allocated for community incentives.

DODO token launched with plan where initially token will be locked for 1 year and then it will slowly release over 2 year of span. DODO team was schedule two round for investor i.e. seed round and private sale round. In seed round it initially raised at $6 million and in private sale it was raised at $10 million USD. in Seed Token price was $0.01 Per USD and then in private sale priced hiked to $0.05 and it will be released after 6 month of lockup and remaining will release over 1 year of time. DODO is ERC-20 based Token on Ethereum Blockchain. DODO will be available on its own DEX platform with different pair like DODO/USDT. DODO introduced new type of Token sale i.e. nothing but decentralized Process. IDO will begin from 29th September 2020 and its price also starts fluctuating. as in this token sale investor will enjoy 0% transaction fees structure.


Is DODO a Good investment?

Investing DeFi need research, so Do your own research before you invest.


In race of DeFi and DEX recently many new projects have launched and some of them got success in short period of time and some of them fail. DODO wanted change liquidity providing with brand new algorithm and they started receiving attention from investor. In Token sale and LP, DODO very close to hit $100 million total volume worth. However, directly focusing on main problem of existing DEX i.e. price difference of different asset that causing loss of investor. Now, lets hope DODO can accomplished what they proposed and user can simply access real price of asset along with zero transaction fees i.e. gas fees.

DODO Rating