CRV (Curve DAO Token) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Curve?

Curve is DeFi platform aim to achieve deep on-chain liquidity by using advanced bonding curves. in January 2020 Curve announces arrival of uniswap like decentralized exchange protocol for stablecoin and crypto asset. The first aim curve finance is to provide efficient, fees less, secured and low slippage and lower risk returns for liquidity providers. Curve designed low fee algorithm specially for stablecoin liquidity that enable user earn passive income.

Curve Finance officially launched native token i.e. Curve DAO token aka CRV that uses to reward liquidity provider in curve pool. However, Token distribution was started since January 2020 after community deploy it. liquidity pool rewards will be depended on how much time user provide liquidity. CRV will act as governance token for voting and future development suggestion, so major decision will be taken by community member. 62% from supply will be distributed to provider and other supply will equally distributed shareholders, Employee and team members.

CRV governance ecosystem follows time-weighted voting that maximize contribution of community. Curve Finance uses value capture mechanism that ultimately help to promote different pools. CRV also pushes long term liquidity providing pattern with locking mechanism to accrue rewards.

CRV Price Prediction

Month & YearCRV Price Prediction
November 2020$1.0802
December 2020$1.2585
January 2021$1.1693
February 2021$1.2387
March 2021$1.4369
April 2021$1.5261
May 2021$1.3081
June 2021$1.6549
July 2021$1.7144
August 2021$1.8531
September 2021$1.5459
October 2021$1.8729
November 2021$2.1900
December 2021$2.2991
January 2022$2.1108
February 2022$2.6459
March 2022$2.9035
April 2022$3.3098
May 2022$3.5972
June 2022$3.3396
July 2022$3.8152
August 2022$3.6567
September 2022$2.2991
October 2022$2.3684
November 2022$2.5369
December 2022$2.7252
January 2025$2.7549
March 2025$2.8441
May 2025$7.8188
July 2025$7.7098
October 2025$8.1557
Decemeber 2025$9.3449
January 2030$8.6611
March 2030$13.1205
May 2030$13.9925
July 2030$13.5664
October 2030$13.8538
December 2030$14.9835

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CRV Overview

Project nameCurve Finance
Ticker SymbolCRV or Curve DAO token
Total Supply1,303,098,154
Based onDeFi
Launched year2020
All-time high$28.56 USD
Exchange PlatformOKEx, Uniswap, Poloniex,, 1inch Exchange, Hobit, Hoo.
WalletMetamask, Ledger.
Curve DAO Token Price Prediction

CRV Price Analysis

We have Uniswap who dominating Ethereum DeFi since last 1 year and after following footstep Curve Finance will be competitor for uniswap. We know success of uniswap on the market similarly CRV will have same potential, where it uses same protocol and algorithm. The CRV help user to maximize their liquidity pool rewards using smart contract based on Ethereum Blockchain. Before listing of CRV has unknown value and after listing it is trading at $25.68 USD.


CRV Worth investing in 2020?


Is Curve DAO Token a Good Investment?

Yes, suggested to be liquidity provider to earn passive income with Stablecoin


Curve becoming one most promising DeFi Protocol on the DeFi space. Curve comes with some great concept for long term and short-term investment plan with liquidity pool. DeFi offer great benefit and changes whole scenario of blockchain market, where there more than 100 DeFi based project launched and curve one of those projects who work as pillar of future innovation. The purpose is simple curve wanted to provide simple Ethereum asset and stablecoin transfer on the same platform.

Curve Finance Rating