NXM Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Nexus Mutual?

Nexus Mutual is open source Ethereum Backed Decentralized finance DeFi project that aim to replace traditional financial system. The most of finance company has central entity that not fully transparent and trusted. NXM brings community driven Finance ecosystem, where member will validate claim requested by users. The major decision done by community will be record and store by smart contract, where Smart contract can set rules for Finance.

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NXM Mutual project believe blockchain based Finance can eliminate insurance company, where people can share risk together. it also offers smart contract cover that help find out security and potential bug in smart contract along with also taking care of DAO hacks. NXM offers membership that gives access to buy cover and HODL NXM Token. so, when users official join NXM platform they become legal member of company and rights of membership backed by agreement.

Nexus Mutual membership operation major completed via NXM Token, however to buy covers uses need to own NXM Token. with NXM user can easily participate in governance voting, underwriting and assessment. Basically, following basic steps like connecting wallet, specify smart contract address and cover amount user will get their cover status.

NXM Price Prediction

Month & YearNXM Price Prediction
August 2021$137.29
September 2021$254.85
October 2021$287.74
November 2021$309.11
December 2021$353.51
January 2022$475.18
February 2022$512.18
March 2022$781.01
April 2022$920.76
May 2022$1,076.97
June 2022$1,002.98
July 2022$1,249.61
August 2022$1,340.04
September 2022$1,496.24
October 2022$1,192.06
November 2022$1,422.25
December 2022$1,685.33
March 2023$1,504.46
June 2023$1,603.12
September 2023$1,808.64
January 2025$3,707.72
March 2025$3,387.10
May 2025$3,633.73
July 2025$3,214.45
September 2025$3,724.16
October 2025$3,847.48
Decemeber 2025$4,044.79
January 2030$7,168.81
March 2030$7,596.30
May 2030$8,253.99
July 2030$8,566.40
September 2030$7,908.71
December 2030$8,837.69

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NXM Overview

Project nameNexus Mutual
Ticker SymbolNXM
Total Supply5,737,803
Official websiteNexusmutual.io
Based onInsurance Finance
Launched year2019
All-time high$31.86 USD
Exchange PlatformBibox, Uniswap v2, MXC, Hoo
PartnerIncentivai, Somish Blockchain,
NXM Price Prediction

NXM Price Analysis

NXM token uses for governance ecosystem and also incentivization of honest irks and claim assessment. However, member can earn reward for staking and following rule of cover membership. NXM since its debut on trading platform roaring with continuous upward trend, where price hiked from $8.89 USD to $27.49 USD i.e. almost 208.7%. NXM also gained huge market volume and now already enter into top 50 largest DeFi project list as per coinmarketcap. NXM heading to cross $50 USD mark and that expected in upcoming few months.

Can NXM Reach $100 USD?

Yes, can takes 5 to 6 months

How much NXM Worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $300 USD.

Is NXM a Good Investment?

Yes, staking rewards and buying cover can be done while holding NXM.


The project was introduced in may 2019 and after being under development it launched its first ever product i.e. smart contract cover. However, insurance controlled by community without any central entity will be having strong future. Nexus mutual recently brings security, fraud resistance and instant cover decision will be taken, however it also allows user to stake their NXM token as well for passive income. The project looks solid and has unique feature that is not covered by any other Decentralized finance project.

NXM Rating