BORA Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is BORA?

BORA blockchain based mobile-first gaming services platform i.e. based on South Korean company Way2Bit. Bora has already bringing different existing games by creating their portfolio and aim to bring millions of games on the platform. Bora launched with basic intention of connection Blockchain with gaming industry, as in 2020 many Blockchain gaming is change and Bora will be on those projects who giving access to Games without any knowledge of Blockchain.

BORA official launched two big games in recent times i.e. Dragon Raja 2 and Giants, however Seven Guardian is expected to launch soon. Seven Guardian games already having almost 2+ million active users worldwide. Bora official partnering with different gaming developer and gaming platform, where most of transaction will competed through BORA token. Seven Guardians game can be player with SHELL Token i.e. currency on the BORA Platform.

Bora Island is the key network on BORA platform that connect content creator developer with Blockchain. BORA island basically improves user experience in gaming that include toolkit for creator. BORA offers Interconnection of Blockchain, content services, transfer of asset, storage and sharing of data. BORA logoon is also another project that verify content for user before they share on the island.

BORA Price Prediction

Month & YearBORA Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0277
December 2020$0.0323
January 2021$0.0300
February 2021$0.0318
March 2021$0.0369
April 2021$0.0392
May 2021$0.0336
June 2021$0.0425
July 2021$0.0440
August 2021$0.0476
September 2021$0.0397
October 2021$0.0481
November 2021$0.0562
December 2021$0.0590
January 2022$0.0542
February 2022$0.0680
March 2022$0.0746
April 2022$0.0850
May 2022$0.0924
June 2022$0.0858
July 2022$0.0980
August 2022$0.0939
September 2022$0.0590
October 2022$0.0608
November 2022$0.0652
December 2022$0.0700
January 2025$0.0708
March 2025$0.0730
May 2025$0.2008
July 2025$0.1980
October 2025$0.2095
Decemeber 2025$0.2400
January 2030$0.2224
March 2030$0.3370
May 2030$0.3594
July 2030$0.3484
October 2030$0.3558
December 2030$0.3848

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BORA Overview

Project nameBORA
Ticker SymbolBORA
Total Supply1,205,750,000
Based onGaming Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.106875 USD
Exchange PlatformUpbit, Coinone, Bittrex, bigONE, Coinsuper, Fatbtc.
WalletBORA Wallet.

BORA ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
PartnersInfoseed, RS Edu Consulting, Unit5, Klaytn Hackathon, Xangle, Skymoons, Singta, imin, Studio8, Zenaad, Gala Lab, Picologi

BORA Price Analysis

BORA consistently gaining new partnership along with development & integration with games with blockchain. we already have Decentraland and other blockchain based gaming platform, as BORA quite different from them. Now, in 2020 BORA roaring on the price chart with bullish trend, since 18th march 2020 BORA Price keep on fluctuating after following average price $0.00080 USD. Now, BORA already surged 2x than previous 2020’s best price after reaching $0.054 USD.

BORA Price Prediction


Will BORA hit $1?

Yes, not possible in recent 3 to 4 years.

How much BORA will be worth in 5 years?

It will worth $0.32 USD in future.

How Much BORA Worth in 2030?

Must be near to crossing $1 USD.

Is BORA a Good Investment?

Yes, definitely gain huge volume in future.


Gaming industry changing and Blockchain with decentralized nature can attract more gaming community to join the platform. the most of games on platform mainstream operation can be completed through BORA token that keeps gaining market volume. So, targeting million users from more than 150 countries BORA must be launch more popular games with different niche.

BORA Rating