Bytom (BTM) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Bytom?

Apart from tradition Blockchain single and dual layer design, Bytom has three-layer architecture including contract layer, application layer and data transmission layer. Bytom has interactive protocol that allows access of multiple byte-assets that connect atomic world to actual world. So, basically Bytom is providing developer friendly platform that encourage users to develop assets management applications.

Existing network offers compatibility with the UTXO & Encryption standard along with feature like assets naming, treading flexibility, AI ASIC-chaps, separate transaction signature, cross chain & sidechain access and genera address format. However, it adopts POW consensus algorithm to bringing security and decentralization for assets. sidechain and public chain of Bytom utilized pluggable technology to give access to business owner with Commercial platform.  

In the history of Bytom Team, the of the founding member i.e. Chang Gia was the creator of 8tc popular media authority of china and also was in the core team of OKCoin and former vice president, as the same company later founded trading platform OKEx. The ecosystem itself uses BTM as native tokens for payments, pay dividends and even BTM can be sued for assets insurance deposit.

Bytom Price Prediction

Month & YearBTM Price Prediction
September 2020$0.1113
October 2020$0.1297
November 2020$0.1205
December 2020$0.1276
January 2021$0.1480
February 2021$0.1572
March 2021$0.1348
April 2021$0.1705
May 2021$0.1766
June 2021$0.1909
July 2021$0.1593
August 2021$0.1929
September 2021$0.2256
October 2021$0.2368
November 2021$0.2174
December 2021$0.2726
January 2022$0.2991
February 2022$0.3410
March 2022$0.3706
April 2022$0.3440
May 2022$0.3930
June 2022$0.3767
July 2022$0.2368
August 2022$0.2440
September 2022$0.2613
October 2022$0.2807
November 2022$0.2838
December 2022$0.2930
January 2025$0.8055
April 2025$0.7943
July 2025$0.8402
October 2025$0.9627
Decemeber 2025$0.8923
January 2030$1.3517
April 2030$1.4415
July 2030$1.3976
October 2030$1.3976
December 2030$1.5436

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Bytom Overview

Project nameBytom
Ticker SymbolBTM
Total Supply1,602,949,875
Based onByte assets
Launched year2017
All-time high$1.17 USD
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, OKEx,, Binance JEX,, CoinEx, BitMax, ZBG, CoinTiger, HTBC, Bibox, Bigone.
WalletBytom Wallet

BTM ICO Overview

Platform usedBTM
Raised by$ 22,554,000 USD
Date of ICO20th July 2017
ICO Price$0.0450 USD
PartnersOKchain, Satosho club, MOV

Bytom Price Analysis

Bytom may be following old protocol but it promoting future technologies with different standard of byte assets, customized contracts and other technologies like AI. However, Bytom was the one the most searched topic in April 2018, because of different controversy going around newly launched project in 2017 and having connection between OKcoin. However, in the wave of cryptocurrency back in 2018, it able to cross $1 USD mark to create new all-time high record beating price $0.64 USD set during hype of cryptocurrency. now, if we see last 1 year record the rapid price fluctuation occurs, in which average high figure is nearly equal to $0.11 USD and considering that Bytom expected to cross $0.12 USD mark in upcoming 2020 year.

Bytom Price Prediction

Bytom FAQ

How Much BTM Worth in 2030?

Probably trading $1.2 to $1.5 USD

Is Bytom a Good Investment?

Yes, for short term plan.

Can Bytom Reach $1 USD?

Yes, most expected time is 2028 to 2029


Bytom recently partner with Decentralized Fin Ecosystem and had big plans ahead of 2021 year, in this deal Bytom will uses 20% of MOV system profit that will use to buy back BTM and Burn those coin. after launching MOV decentralized value exchange protocol they looking to build DeFi Strategy in Bytom. The Bytom ecosystem continuously putting effort to bring multi-but asset interaction protocol. Recently they also implemented decentralized stable financial platform with BUXTO. So many new projects on the way to improving Bytom network and will help to gain more interested users in future.

Bytom Rating