Lend (Aave) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 | Forecast

Recently Aave just launched new protocol to bringing first ever open source lending protocol that can help to increase Interest rate with decentralization privacy . Lend Token holder to gets decisional power, as governance is ready for user so project can migrate into governance contract, so LEND holding user can vote for smart contracts configuration changes, as with this protocol Aave also launched flash loans feature in which instant loan offer to user without technical knowledge.

Aave project already launched Aave Oracle with help of Chainlink and secured more than 16 cryptocurrency price feeds and it can be deposited and borrowed within Aave Protocol which include Basic Attention Token, Chainlink, Maker, Ethereum, Kyber Netowrk Decentraland, Synthetix network Protocol and more

Aave introduced new services for peer to peer loan system and also announced partnership with OpenLaw for undercollateralized lending. However, now depositor can delegate their credit lines to other users following legal agreement approval on the aave platform. new Ethereum services powered by aave lending protocol allow user to take loans without deposit collateral.

Aave Price Prediction

Month & YearLEND Price Prediction
September 2020$0.3486
October 2020$0.4062
November 2020$0.3774
December 2020$0.3998
January 2021$0.4638
February 2021$0.4926
March 2021$0.4222
April 2021$0.5342
May 2021$0.5534
June 2021$0.5981
July 2021$0.4990
August 2021$0.6045
September 2021$0.7069
October 2021$0.7421
November 2021$0.6813
December 2021$0.8540
January 2022$0.9372
February 2022$1.0683
March 2022$1.1611
April 2022$1.0779
May 2022$1.2315
June 2022$1.1803
July 2022$0.7421
August 2022$0.7645
September 2022$0.8188
October 2022$0.8796
November 2022$0.8892
December 2022$0.9180
January 2025$2.5237
April 2025$2.4885
July 2025$2.6325
October 2025$3.0163
Decemeber 2025$2.7956
January 2030$4.2350
April 2030$4.5164
July 2030$4.3789
October 2030$4.3789
December 2030$4.8363

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Aave Overview

Project nameAave
Ticker SymbolLend
Total Supply1,299,999,942
Official websiteAave.com
Based onLending protocol blockchain
Launched year2017
All-time high$0.442615 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, MXC, Hoo, Bibox, CoinEx, Folgory, CoinDCX, Gate.io, HitBTC, Kyber Network, Alterdice, Poloniex, Bilaxy, Dex-Trade, Loopering Exchange.

Lend ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$17,860,000 USD
Date of ICO29 November 2017
ICO Price$0.017 USD
PartnersVeriff, Sandblock, Kyber network, Enigma, Swissborg, Brickblock, Cashare, bancor.

Lend Coin Price Analysis

Lend Coin recently crossed its 2020’s best price and as most of top cryptocurrency from top 100 list still struggling to get its February 2020 figure, as Lend was reached to $0.036 USD in February, as again it dropped to $0.015 USD and since then it started growing with  steady percentage and comparing with today price i.e. $0.041 USD, then it almost hiked by 173% and expected to show more growth in upcoming month, because after lend Coin is work on Ethereum Blockchain which is currently under upgradation with beacon chain and sharding they will going to bring better version of Ethereum who will having PoS. so, this might be possible reason behind sudden growth of Lend, as current daily market cap transaction is worth nearly average at 3.5 million USD. So, we could say Chainlink oracle after partnering with Google cloud making good impact for their partner also.

Aave Price Prediction

$0.01 can be possible in the same year, in above prediction we have set per month average price, so If you invested with current average price of $0.40 USD, then can earn upto 121% on your investment, as Aave also launches Rate switching where network suggest to get maximum interest with creating switch between stable and variable rates. As Aave was listed in 2017 and then immediately move upward and sets all-time highest record with $0.44 USD, but during cryptocurrency crash Aave is almost became dead where graph showing no fluctuation and almost straight line in price graph, but new year with addition of new project bringing some momentum into this project and more likely they will consider user voting and make further updating in network.

Aave.com is itself trading platform to borrow and deposit in almost 16 asset, where current total market size is $52 million USD, in which you have provided total liquidity, total borrowed amount, percentage of user deposit and borrow with record of variable and stable data, in which Dai and USD coin having is on top of the list. So, if they successful for bringing investor into market and somehow able to cross $1 billion worth in future, then they can enter into top 50 list. As Token is also available on Binance, Alterdice, Bilaxy, ExtStock, Uniswap, Gate.io and more other trading platform.

After launch of Aave they also working with Enigma for to solving blockchain problem to create more scalable and they previously know as ETHLEND and also, they have working to bringing data and computational privacy to decentralized lending.


When will LEND cross $1 USD?

Ans: in 2024 or beginning of 2025.

How Much Lend Worth in 2030?

Ans: $3.5 USD

Will Lend Reach $10 USD?

Ans: probably in 2040.

is Aave a Good Investment?

Yes, it unlock thousand of offers.


Aave listed more than 10 crypto asset and stablecoins for blockchain based loans services, as recently after huge success of Compound. The most DeFi Project started gaining attention, however, Aave is always in top picture in lending service. So, Lend native token holder already getting discount and low interest rate on loans and many other benefit, so there are huge number of Aave holder that maintaining market cap volume.

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