Energi Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 | NRG Forecast

What is Energi?

The Cryptocurrency that care about user and investor i.e. self funding Blockchain project that bring new safety cryptocurrency investment. The network wanted bring freedom to money and aiming to convert world in Crypto world.

NEG used as token, as this cryptocurrency based on Distributed ledger with main motto to bringing ideas into reality with help of Blockchain, and again it will be bringing creative ideas together with improving some common feature i.e. mass scalability, low transaction fees and higher transaction speed.


Energi Price Prediction

Month & YearNRG Price Prediction
September 2020$2.5366
October 2020$2.9555
November 2020$2.7460
December 2020$2.9089
January 2021$3.3743
February 2021$3.5838
March 2021$3.0718
April 2021$3.8863
May 2021$4.0259
June 2021$4.3517
July 2021$3.6303
August 2021$4.3983
September 2021$5.1430
October 2021$5.3989
November 2021$4.9568
December 2021$6.2134
January 2022$6.8185
February 2022$7.7726
March 2022$8.4475
April 2022$7.8424
May 2022$8.9594
June 2022$8.5871
July 2022$5.3989
August 2022$5.5618
September 2022$5.9574
October 2022$6.3996
November 2022$6.4694
December 2022$6.6789
January 2025$18.3610
April 2025$18.1050
July 2025$19.1523
October 2025$21.9448
Decemeber 2025$20.3391
January 2030$30.8112
April 2030$32.8590
July 2030$31.8584
October 2030$32.5332
December 2030$35.1862

Cartesi Price Prediction

Project nameEnergi
Token SymbolNRG
Total SupplyNA
Official websiteEnergi.world
Based onSelf-funding treasure network  
TechnologyEthereum Blockchain with PoS
Listed onAugust 2018
All-Time high$9.90 USD
Trading ExchangeDigifinex, Bithumb, coinEx, Coinall, Bitbns, Kucoin, CITEX, Mercatox.

Energi Price Analysis

Energi may having improved basic feature, but there lots of factor which makes this cryptocurrency different, where it is based on self-funding Treasury system and decentralized governance, which help to maintain self-sustainability and self-reinforcement, this all together keeps rapid growth of market cap and price, so this was the possible reason why Energi was one of the most successful cryptocurrency in terms of price growth and market cap ranking, as of now prices still up and again Energi expected to cross $5 USD mark with another 150% growth rate, which might be happening in the rest of 2020 year and which can create window for crossing previous all-time best and Bitcoin Halving and Ethereum 2.0 may also help in future.

Energi Price Prediction

Energi since match showing solid continuity in growth, in which prices shift from $1.07 to $3.16  USD with the peak rate of 195% in less than 2 month of interval, as looking at all-time highest Energi one of the most unpredictable cryptocurrency, as in June 2019 it was almost reached to $10 USD mark, at this point most of cryptocurrencies was facing huge crypto crash where Bitcoin was almost dropped below $4k USD price, so in tough time where most of altcoins struggling to maintain price graph, that time Energi was almost showed 350% and after that most of top investor was started showing interest and because of that Energi is now maintaining 58th position in crypto market.

Energi was launched august 2018 and without any ICO, no pre-mine supply and partnership it hits top 50 list in less than 1.5 years and that was turning point where Energi was almost completes their promise to bringing self-backed cryptocurrency, which do not depend on other cryptocurrency to show growth in market, as current per day capitalization is of average $1 million USD and sometimes it also reaches to $2 million in 24 hours. As currently more than active 70 contributor, who always trying to building best technology for user and recently they have launched version 3 of Energi, in which is based on Ethereum platform with consensus and Proof of stake model, as we know recently Ethereum is on the way to adapting beacon chain and Shard Chain with Proof of Stake to eliminate Proof of work mining and starts staking reward for the user, so similarly Energi should adapt this staking will be the great addition in future.

As this rapid growth maintained network, as awareness increases the treasury economic power increases along with adoption which is fuel by it, as network self-funding also avail to pay to its developers and team, so your every investment in organization will have greater growth, with better feedback loops, as all processes including operation, development of system, operation in the network and the expansion of Blockchain will be directed by powerful machine like technology, so officials claims you not only creating cryptocurrency, but adopting living organization, which is will having power similar to world government.


is Energi a Good Investment?


Will Energi Reach $100 USD.

Ans: somewhere in 2034.

How much Energi Worth in 2025?

Ans: may be crossing $25 USD.

Will Energi Reach $10?

Ans: Yes, expected in December 2021


The idea of self funding treasury system and development of smart contract platform, which allow long term development of the technology. The network decision are based on community that maximize scalability and global adaptation.

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