Bitcoin Halving Vs Bitcoin Cash Halving Price Prediction 2020 Forecast

Bitcoin Halving Price Prediction

Bitcoin Halving is a traditional event of Bitcoin family which is scheduled in every 4 years and it was happened 2 times till now, as we are very close to another Bitcoin Halving which is going to start on 14th May 2020, so investor and miners are pretty excited for because Bitcoin cut down it Block Reward to half i.e. from 12.5 to 6.25, so for every 10 minutes there be circulation of Bitcoin i.e. BTC as a reward, as initially in 2012 the amount of new bitcoin generation for every 10 minutes was dropped from 50 to 25 Bitcoin and then again after 4 years i.e. in 2016 it again reduced from 25 to 12. 5 and following a similar pattern in 2020 we will be again getting 6.25 new Bitcoin for 10 minutes.

Bitcoin Halving Price Prediction

Bitcoin Halving Prediction 2020

For now, coronavirus outbreak which almost matching 2018 year cryptocurrency crash in which Bitcoin was dropped below $4000 USD and also BCH was also dropeed below $170 USD so to get speedy recovery from this so called crash, we need anything like Bitcoin Halving and this is very important because if we look at previous 2 Halving where Bitcoin was hiked with huge percentage, as seperating both halvings in which the first halving Bitcoin was hiked by almost 140% and then second halving it is hiked by over 400%, so it pretty obivious we are getting another big upword arrow at the price, as the main reason behind this is Bitcoin makers limit production of new coins in which distribution become limited so there will be growth in price for per coin which results into price fluctuation with huge percentage just it happened during 2017 where people was crazy about BTC who investing without even caring about total supply resulting into Bitcoin at one point to reaches to all time highest i.e. near to $20k USD in just 2 months of interval so considering that moment we surely not getting that much of hike but there is a huge possibility that Bitcoin will come nearer to the $10,000 USD mark.

DatePrice Prediction in USD
14th May 2020$7200 USD
20th May 2020$9800 USD
June 2020$8300 USD

Note: buying at the current price or even below $5000 USD will be a great deal.

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Bitcoin Cash Halving Prediction

So just like Bitcoin we also having Bitcoin Cash Halving schedule on 18th April 2020 which is almost 1 month before Bitcoin just because at BCH hash timing is little faster than Bitcoin, as this is first time halving is going to be happening with Bitcoin cash, so considering Bitcoin halving for the first time in which it shows decent growth, so same logic applying on a current price of Bitcoin Cash i.e. $169 USD with 150% percentage in growth will reach to near to $230 USD or maybe more than this figure, as Bitcoin Cash is struggling with the current position in highest market cap holder list, so they needed little which will be getting in the form Halving will help to improve ranking as well as it will help to get decent market cap value which indirectly helps to get out from Coronavirus crypto crash.

DatePrice Prediction in USD
18th April 2020$265 USD
30th April 2020$315 USD
30th May 2020$290 USD

Note: sudden growth in price will lead to smaller dropped in the 1-month time interval.

Bitcoin Halving Vs Bitcoin Cash Halving

Bitcoin Halving will be more profitable than Bitcoin Cash halving as there are some reasons behind investing in Bitcoin under $5000 USD, as this is 3rd time Bitcoin going under halving process in which reduction of new Bitcoin is will there, as lower the production of new coin higher will be the price growth and reason number two currently all cryptocurrency was dropped with huge percentage and Bitcoin halving still have 40 days and Bitcoin may reach above $7400 USD and then this momentum will help them to get higher growth percentage than Bitcoin Cash, so at last Bitcoin is winning over Bitcoin Cash but both will definitely give you noticeable profit, so considering that you can invest into both of Halving to get double profit.

Final Opinion

This will be a very important day for Bitcoin, as distribution date still totally depends on Founder but in his current opinion over Bitcoin where he mentioned he has no idea about how many people are using this currency, so more likely he will follow the same tradition and may start distribution on same days as scheduled or there will be small changed in date, so from 50 BTC to per block to 6.25 per block will be creating trouble for miners in positive and negative as if price growth remains steady then there will be growth in miners and if the price dropped remain same then Bitcoin may lose miner in the upcoming month.

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