Ocean Protocol Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean protocol is blockchain based decentralized protocol and network for Artificial intelligence data and services. Original aim behind launching Ocean protocol is to allow benefit of AI by unlocking data without loss of any privacy. Platform offer solution to launch decentralized data marketplace using software component that connected to data sharing network. once user starts their marketplace, they can monetize data with involvement of any central entity and preserving privacy and control. Ocean protocol is Singapore based foundation developed & founded by BigChainFB and DEX PTE LTD.

Ocean protocol works between data provider and data consumer considering that in future data economy will be the digital economy of real world. Platform offer multiple solution where user can also build AI modules on private data considering AI accuracy and efficiency.

Ocean protocol backed by OCEAN Token that primarily used to sell and buy data from marketplace. Ocean Token recently underwent to hard fork contract after Kucoin exchange got hacked. In that over 21 million tokens were stolen, so ocean protocol decides adopt newer version on contract. Ocean token still available for other trading platform.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearOCEAN Price Prediction
November 2020$0.7090
December 2020$1.0448
January 2021$1.3293
February 2021$1.5579
March 2021$1.6092
April 2021$1.7818
May 2021$1.6558
June 2021$1.9217
July 2021$1.9917
August 2021$1.8611
September 2021$2.1269
October 2021$2.2762
November 2021$2.4301
December 2021$2.2948
January 2022$2.5094
February 2022$2.5933
March 2022$2.3881
April 2022$2.7473
May 2022$2.8685
June 2022$2.9665
July 2022$2.7939
August 2022$2.9572
September 2022$3.1111
October 2022$3.2137
November 2022$3.4702
December 2022$3.2417
January 2025$3.4236
March 2025$3.6381
May 2025$3.7874
July 2025$5.5458
October 2025$5.4945
Decemeber 2025$5.7044
January 2030$6.2641
March 2030$9.2073
May 2030$9.3845
July 2030$9.1840
October 2030$9.3192
December 2030$9.8510

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Ocean Overview

Project nameOcean Protocol
Ticker SymbolOCEAN
Total Supply1,410,000,000
Official websiteOceanprotocol.com
Based onAI & Data Sharing
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.75 USD
Exchange PlatformBilaxy, VCC Exchange, Binance, MXC, P2PB2B, HBTC, Kucoin, BitZ, Gate.io, Poloniex, Balancer, Bittrex.

OCEAN ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$30,650,000 USD
Date of ICO3 may 2019
ICO Price$0.12 USD
PartnersFitchain, messari, couger, xprize, enigma.

Ocean Token Price Analysis

Ocean Protocol also known as OCEAN is available to trade since May 2019. Initially price of 1 OCEAN was lying between $0.02 USD to $0.07 USD for almost 1st whole year. Only exception was on 11th September 2019 price suddenly rose to $0.129 USD but that was for only few hours.

Although for 1st year Ocean protocol has shown slow progress but it was steady. If we compare price of month May for both years 2019($0.03 USD) and 2020($0.07 USD) then it is almost double that is 100% ROI. This kind of ROI is not so great but at the same time we can say it’s not bad as well.

Last 3 months were best for OCEAN coin in the journey of 1 and half year in cryptocurrency market. In the month of August, it reached All Time High of $0.65 USD and currently price of 1 Ocean Protocol is lying between $0.25 to $0.4 USD. Right now, All Time ROI is almost 930% which is really great and impressive.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction


Will OCEAN Reach $10 USD?

Probably after 2030.

Is Ocean Protocol a Good Investment?

Yes, considering growing technology data and AI.


platform simply allow access of private data for development of AI technology i.e. automated technique to bring more advantages in real world. Ocean Protocol consistently growing and its services along with integration with decentralized marketplace to buy & sell data. the mission of project is to unlock data with security that include big organization, industry and other data providers. Ocean Protocol recently enter into top 100 blockchain project and its possibility to do surge upward in ranking. The project backed by different medical organization along with tech giant Microsoft and other. in future AI and Data going to play important role and ocean protocol with blockchain can really change things.

Ocean Protocol Rating