ZB Token Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Future Forecast

ZB token is launched by a popular trading platform Zb.com, who offers open stop service of Exchange of 80 different cryptocurrency, Investment and Loan service is offered, as in the list of Exchange platform ZB is on 28th Position with daily $1 billion worth transaction takes on platform and so does thousands worth ZB Token distributed with investor as reward or bonus, and also because of having freedom of Exchange with any coins using ZB Token, many investor first Buys ZB token.

The ZB Exchange portal was launched in 2013 and successfully offering financial services and trading with low transaction fees and high liquidity, in which they are offering up to 100% partner rewards for referral program.

ZB Token Price Prediction

ZB Token all-time highest price is $0.43 USD but there is no big growth seen, as ZB was listed in September 2018 and immediately after launching it was dropped by over 35% and then again ups with 60% and then maintaining average of $0.35 USD till September 2019, but after that ZB again dropped to price $0.17 USD, in 2020 almost all cryptocurrency was rising with steady growth and set new record of last 2 year, because after biggest crash of 2018 the cryptocurrency market started losing investor, but small boost of 2020 year again able make good impact on market in which ZB almost hiked by 123% in 1.5 months, but in this other crypto was surge with more than 300% so again ZB not able to get more interest in 2020 year also.

ZB Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction of Month
May 2020$0.32 USD
June 2020$0.35 USD
July 2020$0.26 USD
August 2020$0.41 USD
September 2020$0.46 USD
October 2020$0.36 USD
November 2020$0.32 USD
December 2020$0.37 USD
Note: 90% average price fluctuation for 3 months

In above mentioned prediction there is price fluctuation with average 60% to 90%, as observing all-time price graph it is very difficult to predict Cryptocurrency prediction, but 2020 year suppose to another breakout year for cryptocurrency but due to coronavirus outbreak where most of country are in lockdown, In which all type of business are facing huge loss in income and global economy is also dropped with huge rate, but still fluctuation rate in cryptocurrency is higher as compare to other investing option, so after recovery from corona virus there will be huge growth in price, which was started in January 2020 will be on track.

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ZB Coin Price Prediction 2021

ZB expected to crossing $1 USD mark in 2021, if not then there will be huge ranking dropped will be seen, as they are getting continuous transaction within system because of ZB.com transaction are increasing day by day, but individually this token hasn’t done anything noticeable, as most of newly launched cryptocurrency such as Chainlink, Bitcoin SV, Cosmos is doing way better in terms of growth and technology, as ZB Still have competition if we talking about Trading Platform Launched cryptocurrency, as Huobi also launched its own cryptocurrency Huobi Token and one of the best project till now is Binance Coin by world biggest trading platform Binance. considering fact of having decent fluctuation rate ZB token will drop again immediately after reaching $1 USD mark.  

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
January 2021$0.42 USD
February 2021$0.32 USD
March 2021$0.23 USD
April 2021$0.42 USD
May 2021$0.56 USD
June 2021$0.61 USD
July 2021$0.78 USD
August 2021$1.001 USD
September 2021$0.89 USD
October 2021$0.62 USD
November 2021$0.56 USD
December 2021$0.48 USD
Note: if invested In ZB token below $0.50 USD then sell immediately after reaching $1 USD.
ZB Token Price Prediction

As most of prediction we predicted comes true, but we are not sure about above prediction still we are hopping at one time in year 2021 there will huge growth will be seen in all cryptocurrency and that time ZB token will also takes advantage, as ZB.com also focusing its solo token to do well by providing more reward for active registered investor on zb.com.

  1. Will ZB token Reach $1 USD?

Ans: Yes, May be in end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.

  • When will ZB Coin will Cross $10 USD?

Ans: May be somewhere in 2027.

  • How ZB Token Worth in 2030?

Ans: $13 USD.

ZB Token Wiki
Project NameZB
Ticker SymbolZB Token
Official websiteZB.com
Total Supply2,100,000,000 ZB
Based OnTrading Platform Launched Token
TechnologyEthereum Token
Highest Price0.43 USD
Trading PlatformZB.com. BW.com, ZBG, Hotbit, Biki, Bitfinex

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