FTX Token (FTT) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Future Forecast

FTX Token Price Prediction

FTX has launched its token entity i.e. FTX Token and its symbol is FTT, as it was launched in May 2019 and later It was indexed in coinmarketcap.com in August and after the Index, it was from $1.77 USD to $2.54 USD in just 3 days, as everyone is wondering how this coin is getting user and investor so fast that its market value already worth in million and secured 32 positions in highest market cap list by beating Dogecoin, BAT Token and Vechain and now possible reason behind this rapid success, as FTX trading is backed by Binance company and also FTX trading is providing a discount on FTT fees which are based on how FTT your are holding, as Discount varies from 3% to 60% which is key of inviting big investor into their network and invest more than $0.5 million worth FTT for Holding only.

FTX Token Price Prediction

Source: coinmarketcap.com

FTX Token Price Prediction 2020

FTX is also backed by one of the biggest Liquidity provide and market maker in cryptocurrency i.e. Alameda Research whos daily trading almost $1 Billion worth, so they already having a great partner so this cryptocurrency is gradually going up since its first drop where it was trading at price $1.14 USD on 1st September 2019 and till now this is lowest price record of FTX token and again it crossed $2 USD mark in February 2020 and now again fluctuations are started officially began for this, as if there was no coronavirus epidemic then we might be seeing FTX Token crossing $3 USD mark in March 2020, but since the beginning of April 2020 which was again makes comeback and hopefully we will be seeing FTX crossing $3 USD mark with 40% growth rate with today price i.e. $2.52 USD.

Month & Year Average Price Prediction in USD
April 2020 $3.2 USD
May 2020 $4.32 USD
June 2020 $5.67 USD
July 2020 $4.4 USD
August 2020 $5.9 USD
September 2020 $6.7 USD
October 2020 $3.45 USD
November 2020 $5.2 USD
December 2020 $6.43 USD

Note: with a 35% average per month growth rate.

FTT team has got very great experience in funds and tech companies, as they previously worked in key companies of the world such as Google, Facebook, Optiver, Jane Street and Susquehanna, so they have the capability to do wonder in this market also and this might be a reason why they are in the top position in lesser time and already beat in market cap value from one of older big projects.

If FTT is able to hold its pricing near about $6 USD as per our prediction then FTX Token can be entered under 25th position and also cross $300 Million USD mark in the year 2020, as this company having aim to cross $1 billion USD worth as early as possible, as initial in august 2019 FTT was gained by $8 Million and then in January 2020 it was gained to $260 Million, per month growth is increasing month by month.

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FTT Price Prediction 2021

Along with FTX Trading Platform FTT is also listed on Binance, BitMax, CoinEx, Huobi, and Bitfinex in which they are getting a pretty good response and especially Ether wallet are mostly used to store is cryptocurrency and now following 2020 year prediction and consider new year hype then FTT must be trading in the range of $10 USD to $12 USD in January to February 2021 and after completing 2 years and having some partnership will the game-changer then it will create chances of price reaching closer to $20 USD, as FTX is already improving so much and providing live product in which they already functioning.

Month & Year Expected Price Prediction in $
January 2021 $10.23 USD
March 2021 $12.42 USD
June 2021 $10.22 USD
August 2021 $9.2 USD
October 2021 $14.24 USD
December 2021 $12.65 USD

Note: from 2020 to 2021 in 3 months there will be 90% growth.

FTT Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

FTT in 2025 will be doing a miracle in price hiking and there will be more than two prices on the moon we will be seeing, as If look at current growth rate where all top coins were crash with huge percentage and some of them are already having a minus return of Investment which is really scaring top investor from investing, so with this, If FTT will continue this strength in an upcoming year then $1 Billion milestones will be easy to achieve in 2025 or an even earlier year in 2022 and talking about what will be the price in 5 years then FTT may cross $50 USD mark and having a range of fluctuation up to $20 USD with 40% to 50% in a month and 10 years from now FTT must worth more than $100 USD with the all-time highest record of $120 USD.

FTX Token Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name FTX Token
Ticker Symbol FTT
Official Website Ftx.com
Partners Binance & Alameda
Total Supply 346,529,399 FTT
Technology ERC-20
Trading Platform FTX, Binance, BitMax, CoinEx, Huobi, and Bitfinex
Information Binance Backed Cryptocurrency
Rank on coinmarketcap.com 32

Note: The above value may change in the future.

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