Oddz Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Oddz?

Oddz another addition to decentralized exchange (DEX) that supported multiple blockchain network. Oddz is first platform that based on on-chain option trading based on Polkadot, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The main goal of platform is innovation customized option trading with simple, secure and decentralized environment.

Project team believes that some features are still missing in DeFi industry that resulted user not able unleashing the full potential of technology. In the existing defi derivative solution not able full-fill demand due to huge demand in trading contracts. However, problem like high gas fees, network congestion, slower transaction approval that causes due to increase in complexity and lack of intuitive features.

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Oddz option trading solution main focus on will be on zero gas fees, better user interface, transparent calculation, customized trading, on-chain settlement, non-custodial, censorship resistance and decentralized governance model. Oddz will be adding new features that include Buy call options and Buy Put Option for simplifies trading option by adopting CEX like options. with Buy Call options user can set fixed price and fixed amount of buying or trading assets and vice versa with put options.

Oddz Price Prediction

Month & YearOddz Price Prediction
July 2021$0.90
August 2021$1.67
September 2021$1.88
October 2021$2.02
November 2021$2.31
December 2021$3.11
January 2022$3.35
February 2022$5.11
March 2022$6.02
April 2022$7.04
May 2022$6.56
June 2022$8.17
July 2022$8.76
August 2022$9.79
September 2022$7.80
October 2022$9.30
November 2022$11.02
December 2022$9.84
April 2023$10.48
August 2023$11.83
January 2025$24.25
March 2025$22.15
May 2025$23.76
July 2025$21.02
September 2025$24.36
October 2025$25.16
Decemeber 2025$26.45
January 2030$46.88
March 2030$49.68
May 2030$53.98
July 2030$56.02
September 2030$51.72
December 2030$57.80

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Oddz Overview

Project nameOddz Finance
Ticker SymbolODDZ
Total Supply100,000,000
Official websiteOddz.fi
Based onOption Trading
Launched year2020
Supported ChainBSC, Ethereum, Polkadot
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap, Uniswap, Gate, AscendEx, 1inch Exchange, Hoo, Bilaxy, 0x Protocol

Oddz ICO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter
Raised by$150,000 USD
Date of ICO18th march 2021
ICO Price$0.16 USD
PartnersWoodstock, Krypital Group, au21 Capital, NGC Ventures, TRGC, ALTonomy, Amesten, Exnetwork community, x21, GBV

Oddz Token Price Analysis

Oddz is native token of Oddz Finance with primary uses of staking, bonding and governance. Oddz token liquidity will be available on all different chains which is pegged main token price. Oddz charged for each transaction on the platform, where staker and liquidity provider gets rewards for collected transaction fees. Token holder will be having multiple on platform advantages that include discount in transaction fees and holder can enable option for new token and oracle upgrades.

Oddz Price Prediction

Oddz was distributed via polkastarter IDO launchpad with sale price of $0.16 USD. as early investor who purchase token at IDO already earn ROI over 19x consider ATH price. Oddz token number staking and liquidity pool sees huge growth in recent time, as being multi-chain more network could be added soon for user convenience. in 2021, we could expect Oddz prices will be crossing $5 USD mark and in next 5-to-6-month oddz will be heading to reach new milestone of $50 USD.


Will Oddz hit $10?

Multi-chain trading will be new trend of 2021 and Oddz with CEX like feature along with rewards for staking could attract more investor, as supply demand increases oddz will move closer to $10 USD milestone.

Is Oddz a Good Investment?

Oddz for short could be best deal, as this trend could be ending soon just like Launchpad trends.


Instead of going with traditional Oddz implemented most recommended feature by community and traders. however, Polkadex was the one who providing CEX like feature on Polkadot blockchain based DEX. now, Oddz will three main public chain support with customized option trading feature will help many investors. Project testnet successfully completed and as of writing in few weeks Oddz will open trading on their platform. in the three implemented chains, project has will gain advantages by taking adoption of Ethereum, gas lees transactions feature from BSC, interoperability and scalability from Polkadot network. Oddz steps in solving user experience with maintaining transparency and decentralization as main focus.