apM Coin (APM) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is apM Coin?

apM is blockchain based project that aim to build customer reward management system for offline and online business transactions. The project will be having customer loyalty in real-world business. The original idea behind bringing this project into reality is to convert digital Korean fashion shopping mall. However, wholesale shopping mall popular in Korea and tourist from other country also visited this mall as It popularly known as apM luxe and apM Place.

apM coin will be bringing payment system into for sustainable growth along with payment reward system. as this new proposal via blockchain will enhance the efficient and convenient transaction for buyer and sellers. This payment reward will be considered as e-money and will be managed by computer system. using this rewards system customer can earn rewards and business will utilize data of reward platform. in future company aim partner with top business leading with integration and development competitive advantages for both.

In recent years this reward system was managed by central or private organisation that increase risk and limitation in the system. as in proposed system apM limitation including volatility, interoperability, security expected to simply. apM coin partner with apM group i.e. biggest 20-year-old dongdaemun fashion wholesale market providing superior and best quality following latest trend.

apM Coin price Prediction

Month & YearAPM Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0328
December 2020$0.0483
January 2021$0.0614
February 2021$0.0720
March 2021$0.0744
April 2021$0.0823
May 2021$0.0765
June 2021$0.0888
July 2021$0.0920
August 2021$0.0860
September 2021$0.0983
October 2021$0.1052
November 2021$0.1123
December 2021$0.1060
January 2022$0.1159
February 2022$0.1198
March 2022$0.1103
April 2022$0.1269
May 2022$0.1325
June 2022$0.1371
July 2022$0.1291
August 2022$0.1366
September 2022$0.1438
October 2022$0.1485
November 2022$0.1603
December 2022$0.1498
January 2025$0.1582
March 2025$0.1681
May 2025$0.1750
July 2025$0.2563
October 2025$0.2539
Decemeber 2025$0.2636
January 2030$0.2894
March 2030$0.4254
May 2030$0.4336
July 2030$0.4244
October 2030$0.4306
December 2030$0.4552

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apM Overview

Project nameapM Coin
Ticker SymbolapM
Total Supply1,812,500,000
Official websiteapM-coin.com
Based onKorean Fashion market based
Launched year2019
All-time high$1.07 USD
Exchange PlatformBithumb, OKEx, Bittrex, Hotbit, HitBTC.
WalletOwn Wallet
amP Coin Price Prediction

apM Price Analysis

apM coin and apM cash will be two major payment option will be available for customer for shopping on market. As apM coin will be ERC-20 based token operated on blockchain technology that available on different exchange platform. apM coin will also used for distributing rewards for customer and also, they can pay using apM coin. apM coin can be stored on their own mobile app, as they have introduced their own operating system. apM was indexed in December 2019 with average opening price $0.29 USD and with bullish run at beginning on 2020 it manages to set all-time best with $1.02 USD price. as writing since September 2020 apM gaining huge market volume and it also positively impact on price where it rises from $0.070 USD to $0.18 USD.


Will apM hit $1 USD?

Probably in upcoming year.

Is apM a Good investment?

apM highly fluctuating cryptocurrency, it has huge risk in investing so do you own research.


Blockchain integration with wholesale market with customer receive rewards for shopping is really great idea. apM group has dominating market since last 20 years and they have local and foreigner customer, so having payment system on mobile application will solve many problems. However, apM payment platform also self-develop business strategy for growth and will do business analysis. in recent days customer and seller wanted efficient and convenient payment system and apM with this integration can have better future.

apM coin