Celo Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Celo?

Celo after being under development since 2018 finally it launched their main network. Celo again stablecoin backed project that will be thought competitor for Facebook Libri Blockchain Project. Celo gained huge popularity within few months of its launch because Celo was part of Google Launchpad event. The main mission of Celo is to provide financial or banking services like peer to peer transaction to anyone around the world and let user pay on merchants.

Following trend Celo adopted decentralized network that means everything will not be controlled by central or single entity. Celo will be driven by community for Ecosystem uses Proof of Stake Consensus mechanism that allows voting and participant will individual, organization and partners. Celo aiming to cut transaction fees with maintaining transparency that followed cheaper, faster transaction. Celo account can be linked with Mobile number where network maintain decentralized mapping that allow user to connect with Wallet to perform pay, send and receive payment to anyone around the globe.

Celo offers full node incentive with Celo protocol that help light client to run full node of each mobile device. In simple words, there is no need to stake investment for earning rewards just simply provide computation resource to support ecosystem. Celo gives native support to ERC20 based Stablecoins for e.g. USDT. Recently project renamed their project from Celo Gold to Celo i.e. require stablecoin to dominate currencies.

Celo Price Prediction

Month & YearCELO Price Prediction
November 2020$2.591
December 2020$3.018
January 2021$2.805
February 2021$2.971
March 2021$3.446
April 2021$3.660
May 2021$3.137
June 2021$3.969
July 2021$4.112
August 2021$4.445
September 2021$3.708
October 2021$4.492
November 2021$5.253
December 2021$5.514
January 2022$5.063
February 2022$6.346
March 2022$6.964
April 2022$7.938
May 2022$8.628
June 2022$8.010
July 2022$9.151
August 2022$8.770
September 2022$5.514
October 2022$5.680
November 2022$6.085
December 2022$6.536
January 2025$6.607
March 2025$6.821
May 2025$18.753
July 2025$18.491
October 2025$19.561
Decemeber 2025$22.413
January 2030$20.773
March 2030$31.468
May 2030$33.560
July 2030$32.538
October 2030$33.227
December 2030$35.937

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Celo Overview

Project nameCelo
Ticker SymbolCELO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteCelo.org
Based onStablecoin powered
Launched year2018
All-time high$4.49 USD
Exchange PlatformBittex, OKEx, Okcoin, hoo.
WalletCelo Wallet

Celo ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$6,500,000 USD
Date of ICO11 may 2020
ICO Price$1 USD
Partnersa16z, Polychain Capital, SocialCapital, Versionone,9yard capital, tanguy chau, lake star, green field one, Andromeda, VaLor, Nima Capital, R&R Venture, Keisuke Honda, Kilowatt Capital, SVAngle, a_capital, Coinbase.
Celo Price Prediction

Celo Price Analysis

Celo grabbing everyone attention after surging 45% within just 24 hours and now currently enter into top 100 largest crypto list. it consistently gaining $30 million worth daily market volume and beginning of bullish trend is about to start. Celo enter into market with average price of $0.80 USD and next day it crosses $1 USD mark. However, since end of May 2020, Celo following neutral trend with average price of $1.70 USD and now in august 2020 it is very close to cross $5 USD milestone. In last 20 days Celo is already hiked by 158% with 350% of all time ROI.


Will Celo hit $100?

$100 from now looks tough can take more than 15 years.

How much Celo will be worth in 5 years?

Probably worth more than $20 USD

How Much Celo Worth in 2030?

Celo may crossing $50 USD

Is Celo a Good Investment?

Yes, investment before next bullish trend.


Google created new type of start-up accelerator with Launchpad Studio where new class of start-up will be introduced. In the launchpad event Celo was only one Blockchain based project and that help project to gained millions of users following its main network launch. Celo Wallet is all set to launch with first priority to give better user experience with cheaper, secure and faster transaction. Celo enter into top 50 position by market cap volume in less than 4 months. Celo bringing more big update in future and backed by big ventures and firm that help to maintain its worth.

Celo Rating