Tesla (TSLA) Token Coin Price Prediction 2021 | How to Buy TSLA?

What is Tesla Stock Token?

Tesla Token is nothing but Tesla Tokenized Stock Token that will pegged to Tesla Stock Price. TSLA will be ticket symbol for Tesla Token as same BTC for Bitcoin or ETH for Ethereum. as of sources Binance announces to launch to Tesla Tokenized Stock Token trading on their platform.

TSLA Token will be the first Binance Stock token listed exchange with trading pair TSLA/BUSD. However, the reason behind launching this token is allow crypto user to trade stocks in the form of Token and zero-commission fee structure. however, all Binance Stock token will be backed by Depository portfolio with underlying securities. Every Tesla token holder will be getting economics returns on the underlying shares along with dividends.

Binance Stock Token concept not only adding crypto investor into stock market but also stock investor will get involved in Crypto market. This could be the biggest toward for joining established and growing investing option of the world. So, investor no need to purchase full traditional shares and no requirement of physical share certificate. However, Binance clarifies that Each Stock token will be equal to the share of equity stocks.

How To buy Tesla Stock Token or TSLA Coin?

  • Step1: Go to Binance Stock Token Trading Platform
  • Step 2: Sign up for New Account if you already binance user then just sign in into existing account.
  • Step 3: Wait until to open U.S. Market.
  • Step 4: Once Market Open then your simply Exchange TSLA token with BUSD Token
  • Step 5: Enter Amount in BUSD then your shares will displayed on same window.
  • Step 6: press buy Button and wait to fill your order.
  • Step 7: then you will get order fill success popup that means you successfully purchase TSLA token.

Tesla Token Price Prediction

Month & YearTesla Token Price Prediction
August 2021$731.43
September 2021$834.08
October 2021$776.34
November 2021$898.24
December 2021$917.49
January 2022$879.00
February 2022$930.32
March 2022$968.82
April 2022$949.57
May 2022$891.83
June 2022$1,000.90
July 2022$994.48
August 2022$1,013.73
September 2022$1,026.56
October 2022$1,045.81
November 2022$1,058.64
December 2022$1,077.89
March 2023$1,097.14
June 2023$1,109.97
September 2023$1,129.22
January 2025$1,142.05
March 2025$1,161.30
May 2025$1,668.17
July 2025$1,719.50
September 2025$1,732.33
October 2025$1,616.84
Decemeber 2025$1,700.25
January 2030$1,745.16
March 2030$1,790.07
May 2030$1,828.57
July 2030$2,957.79
September 2030$2,874.38
December 2030$3,131.02

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TSLA Token Price Analysis

TSLA trading will be not be similar as normal crypto trading of Bitcoin or other altcoins. however, when U.S. market open then only use can buy Tesla Stock Tokens with provided trading pair. however, Binance is not first platform to start Stock tokenized Token because FTX and Bittrex trading platform who introduced this concept into market. FTX & Bittrex TSLA token is available for trading on respected platform. however, Circulated Supply or Max Supply will not be disclosed as further details will be provided by all Platforms soon.

Tesla Token Price Prediction

TSLA Token price as of writing is $700 USD and after this Binance listing news can bring bull run of Tesla Stock. Binance is biggest crypto exchange platform who currently handling billion worth crypto trading on daily basis. So, this bridge between traditional and crypto market will be highlight for next few weeks in investment field.


Tesla token one of the most awaited concept by Tesla and Elon Musk fans. Founder of Tesla Elon Musk keeps supporting DogeCoin and Blockchain technology on his twitter account. recently, Tesla start accepting Bitcoin as Payment for buying electric cars and after news breakout Bitcoin crosses $60k USD mark. vice versa this news will be benefiting Tesla Stock, where we could see TSLA will be hitting new all time high very soon. Binance promises to launch more Stock Token, which could drive more investor in binnace Platform that will be positive sign for Binance Coin also. As BNB, USDT, BTC traded expected to start soon but there is no official announcement from Binance. In the terms & condition Trading will not allowed for China, turkey and the United States user with restricted jurisdictions rules.

Tesla Token Rating